Cutting Runs Short

October 17, 2016

I tend to stick to training schedules extremely well. If I have certain mileage I need to get done, I set out and get it done, regardless of the circumstances – unless I am super sick or something like that. You have to put in the work to reap the rewards.

This past weekend, that definitely changed. I had 12 miles on my schedule for Saturday morning. We were out the evening before and I had a couple glasses of wine and some nachos for happy hour. Strike one. Then, I didn’t have full dinner after that since I really wasn’t hungry. Strike 2. Davis has been going through a bit of a sleep regression and has been waking up a few times a night for the past 4 days or so. Strike 3. Waking up at 4:45 on Saturday morning was nothing short of a huge effort. I actually got out the door for my run, but 2 miles in, I knew the run wasn’t going to be one for the record books .

My shoulders started cramping up, which for me, is my first sign of dehydration. It happens like clock work if I don’t get in enough water leading up to a run. My pace was really lacking – I was struggling to hit 9:20’s. That is definitely not a normal occurrence. Marcus texted me at 5:30 with a few simple words “Grant is up”. Yikes! That is way too early for him to be up and at ’em! Once I made it to 3 miles and I was still riding the struggle bus, I decided it would be best for me to just turn around at the 3.5 mile mark and just hoof it back to the car. If I stretched it out to complete the full 12 miles, I was concerned I was going to injure myself, as my stride was drastically shorter than the norm and that much more pounding was not going to do my body any good.

I finished my 7 miles, packed up, and headed home. I grabbed a nice venti latte from Starbucks, and threw in the running towel for the day. In the past, I would have been upset about this – not reaching my long run mileage goal just wasn’t an option. (I also wouldn’t have drank 2 glasses of wine the night before a long run. But hey, life looks a little different right now.) Maybe I would have tried to get in the mileage in the afternoon so I could call it a 12 mile day. This time around, its no big deal. I have my half marathon coming up this weekend and I know I will cross the finish line. It won’t be fast or furious, but I’ll get there. I’ll get there without injury since I listened to what my body was telling me. For once, I actually listened to my body.

What can I say, I’m learning. I guess these little people are having a positive effect on my judgment.

Davis 4.5 months Grant 2.5 yers

Getting into Gardening

October 10, 2016

We really lucked out over the weekend. We didn’t have anything to do, but we did so much! We’ve been toying with the idea of starting a garden ever since we moved into our house almost 2 years ago. Needless to say, life got in the way and it just wasn’t a priority – until now! Marcus is the mastermind behind the important stuff – what to grow where, when, etc. and Grant, Davis and I are really just here for support. It takes a village, right?

Grant Gardening

We started with our little seed pods for the plants to germinate, and Grant took his task very seriously. He loved playing in the dirt and talking about the veggies we are going to be growing.

Grant and daddy gardening

He perfected digging the little hole and then placing the seeds inside. He is going to have to give me a lesson or two!

Grant gardening_1

Marcus is going with the square foot gardening approach – pretty much just divide the beds into square foot sections to help plan a very intentional garden. We opted to start out with brussel sprouts, green beans, lettuce, and broccoli. I’m so excited to see how everything turns out over the next handful of months. Yielding food we are going to eat will be so much fun!

Grant Gardening lettuce

Grant and Daddy gardening_1

With planting the plants, we had to get some planter boxes going as well. Our soil is super sandy and less than ideal to actually produce anything, so we opted to bring in some high quality soil to not even worry about the awful soil around the yard. Grant loved helping with that too!

grant drill planter beds_1

grant drill planter beds_2

Yes, grant is sporting the undie only look – we are potty training in full force right now! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! 😉 He’s all about doing whatever daddy is doing these days, especially if it has anything to do with a machine or being outside. Put both of those things together, and he is first in line!

Grant and daddy mowing

It was a super productive and amazing weekend! Lots of family time, snuggles, and smiles! It doesn’t get much better!

Daivs 4 months kicking

Oh and I don’t think I’d be a very good Floridian if I left this out. We finally have a little bit of relief from the oppressive heat! Given my 5am run Saturday morning started in 79 degree temps, we are thrilled around here to drop into the 60’s! Do a happy dance with me! 😉

Florida fall



The Many Thoughts on Long Run Day

October 5, 2016

When you run for hours at a time, many thoughts roll through your head. Here are a few of mine from last weekend’s run.

4:45 – Alarm goes off. The only time I used to wake up before 5am was for a flight somewhere fun. Snooze it is.

4:55 – Weather check. Please be raining, please be raining.

4:56 – No rain in sight – Guess I’m up!

5-5:10 Pump so I’m not running with super full. Better drink some coffee to get a little pep in my step.

5:10 – Get dressed and grab my Garmin, arm band and water bottle. The headphones stay at home these days for safety!

5:13 – Out the door! Dang, this is early to start running on a Saturday!

Mile 1-2: All I hear is my feet on the road. It’s so so quiet out here! I see a car that ran off the road turned the wrong way in some grass. Looks like he partied a little too hard last night. Cops that are helping him wave and I’m on my way.

Mile 3: I reach to good part of my run – Bayshore! I’m greeted by a couple of dolphins starting their day too – love when that happens!

Bayshore long run

Mile 4: I’m only 4 miles into this thing?! Maybe I’ll cut today’s run a little short. This is taking forever and I could really use some more coffee right about now.

Mile 5: Water fountain! Hooray! I top of my water bottle and keep on trucking.

Mile 6: When do I turn around? If I takes my 2.5 miles to get home from this exact spot, how much further do I need to run out? Math is not my forte at this hour.

Mile 7: Looks like another group is meeting for their long run along my route. It’s nice to see a couple of familiar faces.

Mile 7.5: I find more water to fill up my bottle again. It’s a hot and humid one today!Long run complete

Mile 8: The cheeseburger and French fries I ate last night was so not a good idea. Thank goodness for the bathroom around the corner….

Mile 8.25: Another runner let me hop in line in front of her at the restroom –  woohoo! But, I used the rest of the TP that was left, so I quickly high tailed it out of there. I’m sure that was bad running karma, so I apologize a million times over!

Mile 9: Oh hey glimpse of sun! Nice to see you!

Mile 9.5: I only have 1.5 miles left! I’ve got this – I’ve done this a million times!

Mile 10: I’ve still got another mile?!

Mile 11: Done and done! I walk in the last block and stroll up to a completely dark house. Looks like all the boys are still snoozing at 7am. Sounds like a huge win – the husband got to “sleep in”, I got in my longest post baby run yet, and I didn’t miss any time with the family.

11 mile long run

Another successful run is in the books! I’m pretty happy I didn’t wake up to a rainy day after all!

Davis: 4 Months

October 3, 2016

Sweet little Davis – you are 4 months old! I can’t believe how truly amazing you are. Your adorable smile instantly lights up a room and your coos and shrieks are contagious.

Davis 4 Months_1

You are really starting to come into your own these days. You love talking to us and seem like you have so much to say. Your changing table seems to be the place where you need to spill all your thoughts and you just babble away. It’s nothing short of adorable.

Breast milk is still your only food source and I’m keeping it that way as long as possible! You drastically increased your intake as soon as I went back to work and like to eat 7-9 ounces per meal. I’m having a tough time keeping up with that, so I am counting my blessings that I have such a huge freezer supply of milk at home. I guess those rolls had to come from somewhere!

Davis 4 Months_4

We went to your 4 month checkup and the doctor said you are perfect! You weighed in at 13 pounds 5 oz and are now 25 inches long. You are definitely on the smaller side, about 2 lbs lighter than your brother was at the same milestone. The doctor wasn’t concerned at all though! You are excelling in your strength, hitting all milestones, and are growing well!

You are very comfortably filling out your 3 month clothes and are still rocking your size 1 diapers. Once you finish this pack, I plan to move you to the size 2’s though – diaper blowouts have been a little too common these days.

Davis 4 Months_2

Davis, you are an absolute gem in the morning hours and have so much fun kicking your legs and enjoying time on your playmat. Tummy time isn’t your favorite, but we can usually get 10 minutes or so at a time, especially right when you wake up. Naps are a bit sporadic and we really can’t nail down a schedule with you. You tend to go to sleep every 2 hours or so. Sometimes you are down for an hour, and other times you are snoozing for 3 hours. We just never quite know which one it will be. You are sleeping unbelievably well at night though, so thank you for that! You’ve been headed to bed at 6:30pm these days and sleeping all the way until 7:30am. Then you wake up with a huge gummy grin on your face. It’s the best!

Davis 4 Months_3

You still love to splash around in the bathtub  and have so much fun at your swim lessons each week with daddy. You’ve been going since you were 7 weeks old and never have a bad day there! Davis, you light up when Grant comes to play with you and it’s the absolute best. He loves seeing your big smile and you love seeing his too!

Davis 4 Months_5

You haven’t been a big fan of the car the past few weeks unfortunately. It’s ok if we go somewhere first thing, but anything in the afternoon = melt down central. This definitely correlates to your less than enthusiastic affinity for naps. You also hate being tired, but fight sleep like you’ve got something to prove. Luckily that really only applies to naps since you are ready to hit the hay once night time rolls around.

Davis 4 Months_6

This next month is full of a lot of firsts – your first plane ride and your first big holiday (Halloween)! We can’t wait to experience them with you! Love you, little Davis!

See Yourself For Who You Are

September 30, 2016

I love the features on different social media platforms highlighting moments from years prior. It’s so fun to see what was going on years and years ago on the same exact day, just years apart. I shared a picture yesterday on both Instagram and Facebook of our wedding rehearsal luncheon. I love this picture of us.


My immediate reaction each time I see this photo, is always “wow, I wish I could look like that again”. 5+ years ago seems so very far away and as I remember the day in the photo, we were just recent college grads getting married in our early twenties. We really didn’t have any worries or concerns, and were really just focused on the moment at hand right then and there.

The funny thing is when I posted the photo, I had multiple people tell me I look exactly the same, when in reality, I disagree but was so tickled to see those comments. I’m getting some crows feet by my eyes, I have a few scars from removing skin cancer spots, and my skin is just not as tight as it used to be. A little thing called age and motherhood is starting to show on my face.

Baum family photo 2016

And then, when I got home from work yesterday, Grant looked at me and said “Mommy, you pretty” and then gave me a big kiss. I know he isn’t just saying that. He really meant it. He doesn’t see someone 5 years older or someone different from what I used to be. He just sees mommy.

I guess all I am trying to say is the way we look at ourselves is so very different than how other people see us. Whether it’s a friend from high school, a coworker, or your 2.5 year old son – try to see yourself through their eyes. Instead of being a tired mom who wishes she could look a certain way again, you can be someone’s best friend and hero, no matter the number or wrinkles or sun spots that might come along with it. Age is inevitable, but the way you see yourself is completely in your control. See yourself for who you truly are.