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Scheduling to Reschedule

Thank you all so much for your opinions on which water bottle I should buy! I really think I am leaning towards the insulated Nathan bottle! It definitely seems to be the crowd favorite!

This week I have had to change my workouts around – 3 different times. Usually, I stick directly to my schedule. I thrive off of having workouts to prepare for both mentally and physically, but sometimes,  flexibility is key, and you have to be ok to reschedule. Monday the weather was still terrible, and my running route was flooded, so I headed to the gym. Tuesday, our swim workout was cancelled, again because of Tropical Storm Debby. I actually took the day off!! It was glorious!

Wednesday I slept in instead of getting up for my pace run. My body was telling me that I needed it, so I listened – still a very important part of training for any big race. Well, I was sure glad that I did, because Wednesday night proved to be the hardest and longest swim workout that I have had to date! Check it out!!!

I am still very new to this whole swimming thing, so practicing with season veterans is a catch 22 – I get better because they push me, but I struggle like mad trying to keep up with the pace times. I am some one that will never, ever quit, so each lap just kept me going further and further.

So that pace run from Wednesday morning got pushed back to Thursday morning – I killed it (and it killed me!). I definitely felt my workout from only 11 hours before, but was still able to hit my goals. I had 4 miles at goal pace (8 minutes), and then a warm up and cool down.It felt good to push through something that I really wanted to cut short. I know the marathon will not be cut short when I’m hurting, so neither will the workouts!

Then Thursday night rolled around, and there was a free Bootcamp being offered over at Lululemon. I obviously couldn’t say no, so I went. We all met at the store and then headed out to our workout destination – the top of the sun covered parking deck. I have one word to describe it – HOT!

We started with sprints, burpees, star jumps, pushups, and then moved on to a killer circuit. Needless to say – hardest. workout.ever! It was soo much more difficult that the cross fit workout that I did a few months back, and in a good way.


Seriously, if you are looking for a killer, calorie torching workout, checkout bootcamp. You will not be disappointed! Our trainer, Nicole, was absolutely amazing, and I was so impressed with her strength. She made everything look so easy – it definitely wasn’t!

Our amazing bootcamp trainer!

Even though my workouts were definitely all over the place this week, I was able to get everything done to the very best of my ability! It is nice to have a plan to stick to, but it is even better when everything falls into place in its own little way, too!

Do you always do all of your workouts as scheduled? Are you ok with rescheduling them, or even canceling them if needed?

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  1. Danielle
    Danielle June 29, 2012 at 8:55 am |

    Harder than CrossFit? Haha. Wow! Did you only do CF that one time?

  2. Meg
    Meg June 29, 2012 at 10:09 am |

    I am a total Type-A runner so I make my training plans WELL in advance (as in, I already have my marathon training mapped out for a race I’m running in, um, February 2013…). Every Sunday night I sit down and look at my training schedule and my work/social calendars to see if I need to make any changes. Working at a PR agency with unpredictable hours has made me understand the importance of flexibility, but more often than not, I try to stick to what’s in my beloved Google doc.

    It’s funny you mentioned boot camp at lululemon. A few months ago, we had a local boot camp instructor come to our lulu run club and I loved the workout so much that I signed up for a package of classes. It’s been such a great addition to my training and I like that it’s in a group setting so I feel accountable to make it to class, especially since the classes fall on the same days as my weekly track workouts. It’s too easy for me to skip strength and plyometric training when I’m doing it on my own, but with the boot camp classes I have more accountability (and more fun!) so I never want to miss it!

    And, ugh, I really need to learn how to swim. I mean, I won’t drown in a pool or anything, but I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few native Floridians who wasn’t on a swim team growing up and never took lessons. I am really impressed with your determination to power through really tough workouts and to keep improving! That’s so awesome, and you’re going to be so strong because of it!

  3. Chuck Feerick
    Chuck Feerick June 30, 2012 at 2:15 am |

    i’m happy to hear you training so smartly!

    I can’t wait to swim against you again– I don’t give up either!

  4. Carrie @ Fitness and Frozen Grapes
    Carrie @ Fitness and Frozen Grapes June 30, 2012 at 6:54 am |

    I’m a total type-A person, so I write down all my workouts on a calender every Sunday night; I really like knowing what I’m doing and when I’m doing it. I do my best to be flexible–if it’s raining, etc.–but changing my workouts during the week stresses me out a little because it could affect subsequent sweat sessions. I’m getting better at rolling with the punches, though :)


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