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March 30, 2017

Oh hey there! Long time no talk! Finding time to blog has been tough, as we’ve been fighting a stomach bug in our house for nearly 3 weeks! I think it’s finally left for good! Marcus is the last one in need of a little extra TLC to finally kick this thing, but the boys and I are all well. Thank goodness!

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I haven’t checked in at all lately regarding fitness, so I think it’s definitely overdue! It’s not that there hasn’t been any workouts – their most definitely have been – I’ve just had other priorities as of late.

Around mid- December, a new community center opened up super close to our house. We signed up as soon as they started selling memberships, and I’m thrilled we did! The workout facility is amazing! Everything is brand new with all of the latest gadgets. I’m seriously in fitness geek heaven. With the opening of the new facility came a re invigoration of my workouts. Apparently I wasn’t inspired at my office gym, as I wasn’t seeing many results – probably because I was constantly doing the same workouts. Now, I’m getting in some intense weight workouts 3 times a week, and I feel stronger than I have since wrapping up track and cross country in college. I’m seeing muscles show up that haven’t ever said hello, and I feel all around really really great!

I’ve scaled down my running a little bit too. When I used to run 5-6 days a week, I’m currently getting out just 3 days a week now on runs. This is definitely on purpose as we roll into some warmer months here in Florida, and I really don’t have goal races scheduled. I do have a 10k and a half marathon coming up, but nothing I’m really looking to PR in. I’m getting in about 20-25 miles a week and really making my time on the road count.  I plan to keep my mileage where it is, and then ramp up come fall when I start training for another marathon! My friend Meg and I signed up for the Disney Marathon in January 2018. We’ve got plenty of time to relax a bit on the firm exercise schedule. Come September, I’ll most likely be back to running 4-6 days a week, depending on the approach I want to take with my training schedule.

I’d like to share some of the workouts I’ve been doing here, so hopefully some of you can get a jump start back in the weight room, too. I really was lacking motivation for a long time, but seeing the results I am currently seeing has really put a pep in my step!

9 Months Post Pregnancy

Fingers crossed I can make the time to get blogging a couple of days a week to connect here a bit more on a fitness level! I miss this little community!

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    Looking great! Can you share some of your work outs? I’m in a fitness rut and need something new to do at my office gym.

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