Grant: 3 Years Old

February 28, 2017

Oh Grant, how are you already 3 years old! It seems like we were just celebrating your 1st birthday, and now we just rang in year 3!

You are nothing short of a firecracker these days! Your speech is unreal, and you are always telling us stories and making us laugh. Your favorite phrase is “Come on, dude!” and it really is so darn funny! We celebrated your birthday at a park up the street and almost all of your friends and family were there to celebrate with you. I found a super cool cake and couldn’t have been more thrilled to blow out the candles!

Construction Birthday Cake

grant 3rd birthday family

Your second year was full of so many big milestones.

You became a big brother (!)

Grant meets Davis

You moved into your own room in a big boy bed

Grant big boy bed

You learned how to use the potty.

Grant potty

You made even more friends at school

Grant and friends

We had a few fun trips Disney

Grant Disney 3 years old

You ran your first race

Grant running race

We had fun at your first Gasparilla parade

Grant and dad Gasparilla

Grant and Mom Gasparilla

Grant and Davis Gasparilla

You played with more trucks than I could ever imagine.


And best of all, you continue to be the most amazing little boy in the world. You are kind, thoughtful, well mannered and very compassionate. Your dad and I are so unbelievably fortunate to be able to raise you into the wonderful little guy you are becoming.

grant and mom 3 years old

I love you little boy – thank you for being mine!


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