A Long Weekend in New York City

August 15, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, we headed off on a great trip to New York City to celebrate my father in law’s 65th birthday! Over a year ago, he came up with the idea to treat Marcus, myself and my sister in law to a fun trip to celebrate his milestone birthday. He came up with the idea of a long weekend in New York (sans little ones), and we were all sold!

Mary and Marcus NYC Summer 2017

We arrived early on the Friday after July 4th and didn’t leave until Monday, so we had a really nice, full 3 days to explore. We stayed at an Air BnB just a few blocks from the Flatiron building, so our location was fantastic. We were just a couple of blocks from the subway, so getting around the city was no problem at all!

Here are my favorite highlights of our long weekend. By the way, the amazing photos are compliments of my husband Marcus. He did an amazing job!

Walking the High Line

This was our very first stop after grabbing lunch after we got in on Friday. It was a little over a mile from where we were staying, so it was super easy to get to. We enjoyed some time just strolling and people watching on the old rail way line. It was quite busy when we were there, so the next time I go back, I’d love to catch some time up there right when it opens in the morning.

Highline flowers NYC

Running in Central Park

Getting to run in Central Park was a must do on my list, and I was lucky enough to be able to do it twice! On Saturday morning, Marcus woke up with me and we up that way – he grabbed a Citi bike and I ran from our apartment.

Mary Central Park 2017

It was a little over 2 mile to get to the park, so from there, we just started exploring a bit. He had to stay on the main path since bikes aren’t allowed in the inner areas of the park, so he ended up ditching his bike in favor of taking more pictures on foot. We came up on the reservoir, so I was sure to grab a couple of laps while the sun was coming up. It was gorgeous! My run rounded out just over 8 miles, which was plenty, given our sight seeing schedule for the rest of the day!

Central Park Reservoir

We went up to Central Park again on Sunday and I opted to stay on the outer loop and get in the full 10k. My legs were trashed from so much walking the day prior, but I just couldn’t give up running in 67 degree weather in July. It was such an amazing treat!

Brooklyn Bridge Context Tour

If you enjoy tours when on vacation, I can’t recommend Context Tours enough. They aren’t the big group, herding cattle, can’t hear a thing the guide is telling you kind of tour. There were a max of 6 people who could be in our group, and since there were already 5 of us from our family, we had a nice private tour.

Brooklyn Bridge Summer 2017

It was a 3 hour walking tour of the Brooklyn Bridge, which started in Manhattan, took us over the bridge on foot, and ended in Brooklyn Heights. Our guide was incredibly knowledgable and it was really fun to see a part of the city I hadn’t had much exposure to before.

Brooklyn Bridge Summer 2017

Dinner at Bobo

Marcus and I treated his dad and his dad’s fiance to dinner at Bobo on our second night, and it was hands down one of the top 5 best meals I’ve ever had. It’s located in the West Village, so it was in another area of the city I hadn’t been to before. We had some great wine, I had a superb duck dish for dinner, and the service was stellar. I really can’t say enough good things about the restaurant.

Dinner at Bobo

World Trade Center Memorial

The memorial was an absolute non-negotiable for my trip to NYC. I hadn’t been there before and I am very glad that I went. We did not do the tour or actually go under the pools to see the ruins of the old towers, but we did experience the etched names in the marble, the somberness in the air, and the rushing of the water that seemed almost deafening at times.

World Trade Center Memorial 2

We did so much more than the 5 experiences I listed, but this post would get way too long if I recapped the whole trip.

Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Heights

Thanks again to my father in law for treating us to this great trip! It was a much needed break from grind and a fun time to get away from Florida for a few days!

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