10 Minute Playground Workout (Video)

August 15, 2016

Playgrounds are an amazing place for both kids and adults to get exercise. Of course, we all how know the kiddos run around and have an amazing time, but as adults, we can get moving too! I was at the park with my kids late last week and shot this quick video to show a few super simple exercises you can do on playground equipment while your kids are playing, without skipping a beat. These are pretty basic moves to keep things super simple!

Do you ever do workouts at the park? What are your favorite exercise to do?

Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake Smoothie

August 12, 2016

Oohhh do I have a crazy yummy smoothie for you today! For the most part, all of the recipes I post boast healthy ingredients and tend to be very nutritious. This smoothie is a little bit more indulgent, in that it has a (not-so) secret ingredient to give it that cheesecake flavor – cream cheese. It is absolutely delicious though, so be sure to give it a try.

cherry chocolate cheesecake smoothie

1/3 cup whole milk plain greek yogurt

1/2 cup almond milk

2 TBSP cream cheese

10 cherries, pits removed

1 Tbsp raspberry jam

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 cup of ice

Blend all ingredients until smooth. If you want a thinner smoothie, add more milk. If you are looking for a smoothie on the thicker side, reduce the milk a bit. Feel free to replace the cherries with another fruit that is in season. I’ve had it with both blueberries and strawberries (but with vanilla protein powder) and its been awesome!


Rainy Day HIIT Workout

August 10, 2016

We’ve been having some super crappy weather here in Tampa the past three days, so I’ve been stuck inside, having to create my own workouts. Since I never know how long I have to do a workout during nap time with varying wake schedules by the kiddos, quick and effective is the only way to go. Here is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) that is sure to get your heart rate going and you dripping with sweat. Do each circle of exercise for 20 seconds at a time, with 10 seconds rest, and then move onto the next one. For example, do split jumps for 20 seconds and then push ups for 20 seconds. Take 10 seconds rest, and then go back to the split jumps.  Check out below the graphic for explanations of the exercises if you are curious as to what some of them are!

Rainy Day HIIT

split jumps – be sure to perform these as slow as you need to keep your form intact

push ups – choose to do these on your knees or in regular form

jumping jacks

burpees – be sure to perform these as slow as you need to keep your form intact

star jumps – be sure to perform these as slow as you need to keep your form intact

up/down plank

wall sit

double pulse pushup – work up to the hop. Don’t expect to get that right away!

butt kicks

broad jumps – be sure to perform these as slow as you need to keep your form intact

mountain climbers

squat jumps – be sure to perform these as slow as you need to keep your form intact

Let me know how it goes! Hope this makes your rainy day a little brighter!

A Weekend That Didn’t Fly By

August 8, 2016

Man oh man, another weekend has come and gone! Unlike a lot of other weekends, this one didn’t seem to fly by too fast. There was the perfect amount of work and play for everyone! We’ve been getting pounded on by rain lately, so it’s a bit tough being stuck inside, especially with both kiddos! Wish me luck this week 😉

I used to always do my long run on Saturday mornings but since we have swim lessons first thing on Saturday morning, longer runs are now pushed to Sunday. I could wake up early on Saturday, but I really don’t want to have to wake up before 6 on a Saturday to get in a 5 mile run. No thanks 😉

Davis swim lessons_9 weeks

Anyhow, I was so lucky to be able to meet up with my friend Meg on Sunday for my long run! I had 5 miles I had set out to do, which was perfect in her schedule too. She is training for the NYC Marathon, and needed to get in a recovery run, so teaming up with me was a great option. We did a great 5 mile loop around the neighborhood and beat a huge storm that was coming. About 2.5 miles in, we were wishing it was pouring on us since the humidity was so hi! It wasn’t nearly as easy of a run as we had hope because of that high humidity, but hey – the tough runs are the ones that make you stronger, right?!

Rainy Radar

Saturday night we had a party to attend over at a friend’s house. It was a themed luau party and everyone did a great job dressing to theme! Apparently there is only one toddler Hawaiian shirt out there right now, because all 3 little toddler  boys showed up in the same shirt. It was pretty cute! My dates were on point for the evening!

Luau mom grant and davis

To round out the weekend, we watched more tv than we had in weeks. With the Olympics on, I don’t think we’ve turned the tv off since the opening ceremonies on Friday! I absolutely love watching swimming, gymnastics and track and field. Those are definitely my top choices! We even caught a little guy reaching a big milestone while we were hanging out – Davis rolled over for the first time! We were caught off guard since it is a bit early, but he did a great job and surprised himself a little bit too!

Davis 9 weeks playmat

Have an awesome week! For those of you in Florida, try to stay dry 😉

What are your favorite Olympic events to catch?

Differences from One to Two Kids – 2 Months

August 5, 2016

I really enjoy reading monthly progressions from other women when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood. A month ago, I wrote a post about the differences from one to two kids so I figured I’d do a follow-up since we are now 2 months into having 2 kids!

Month 2 was a whole lot different from month one. We started to really settle in as a family of four and get into the groove of things. Sleep is so interesting when you have a newborn. The first few weeks you run off of pure adrenaline. You get done what you need to and just handle it. The fatigue just doesn’t affect you as much. Then, the adrenaline wears off and the deprivation starts to sink in. Luckily, when this happened to me, my sister was in town to help so I was able to get in some longer naps and really get in some sleep. But, this won’t always be the case. Being tired with 2 kids is way way different from being tired with just one. Grant still needs me to be his normal, chipper mommy – not a sluggish tired one. I really focused on getting in bed as early as possible in weeks 4-8 so I could still really be there for Grant. It wasn’t easy, but I sure did my best.

Speaking of Grant, I have learned the tantrums really started to rear their ugly face that second month. We are fortunate to be able to have Grant in school 3 days a week, but the days he was home with Davis and I, I saw a side of him I hadn’t seen before. There were more tantrums, throwing, hitting, and overall jealousy. This, so I’ve heard, is quite a normal part of having a new sibling in the house, especially at Grant’s age. We have implemented some timeout rules and are always sure to never leave the boys alone together.

Grant Davis Mommy

Overall, Grant is doing really well. It is quite an adjustment to not have mommy all to himself anymore. He is already doing so much better, and I think it has a lot to do with Davis’ schedule being a bit more predictable. Grant even shared his train toys with Davis yesterday – a big win!!

Grant and Davis with train

Davis is in bed at 7 each night so I am able to participate in bedtime a bit more, which was 100% my thing with him before he was born. I’ve also made sure to spend one on one time with Grant each day, even if it is taking him for a run in the stroller so we can just chat the whole time.

Stroller Run Grant

Another difference from month 1 to month 2 is I can’t seem to get as much done around the house. Davis is awake a lot more now, so my free hands are no longer as free. We do a lot more playing on his mat and just overall hanging out. Sure, I could leave him laying on his mat or in his rock and play, but then I wouldn’t be able to spend as much quality time with him. I am all about having a messier house if it means I get to hang with my little guy. I only have a few more weeks of maternity leave, so I am soaking up every minute that I can with him.

Davis 9 weeks smile

Taking care of Davis is still one of the easier parts of going from one to two kids. I feel fortunate that I have had two great newborns (so far!) and really tend to just stick to a schedule with Davis to make things easier. I find that getting ahead of when he is tired or hungry makes everyone so much happier. There are no meltdowns or huge crying fits – for anyone in the house. We are a bit more flexible with Davis too, as sometimes we are at the kid’s museum during his morning nap so Grant is entertained, or running to or from school when he should be napping. I do my very best to have him nap in his crib once or twice everyday, but all 3 naps just don’t happen when I have Grant in tow as well.

Grant Mommy airport

The past 9 weeks have been nothing short of amazing, exhausting, and challenging all at the same time. I really love my little family and can’t wait to see the boys interact more and more as they older. The great times definitely outweigh some of the challenges with two little ones and make each and every day worth it!

Davis 9 weeks Woody outfit

What differences have you seen from one to two months in with a growing family?