Grant: 1 Month

People are not lying when they say time sure flies when you have a baby! Grant hit the one month mark yesterday – still so hard to believe!

Grant - 1 Month We are all still learning quite a bit around here. I must say, when everyone told me how hard the first couple of weeks are, I definitely pushed it to the side. Well, listen when someone tells you that! Those first couple of weeks are tough as you get used to having a little person around the house. I am pretty sure sleep deprivation is one of those things you think you may know, but you really have no idea until you actually go through it. The brightside is that everything really does get so so much better, and fast! Once he “woke up” around the 2 week mark, it got a lot more fun. He figured out when his days and nights were (he had them mixed up at first) which made life way way easier.

Weight & Height

We went to the pediatrician yesterday to have Grant’s 1 month checkup. He is one little string bean! He is 22 inches long and 9lbs 5 oz, which puts him in the 37th percentile for his weight. No surprise there – Marcus is very tall and lean, so I am sure Grant is taking after his daddy. I think he is even starting to look a little more like Marcus too.

Grant - 1 month


I have felt extremely fortunate on this part! Grant has been an amazing eater from day one. We never had any latching issues, and he loves to eat! Small TMI on this one so skip along if you don’t feel like reading. I have an inverted nipple, so I had to use a nipple shield in the beginning to bring it out for Grant to eat. He has learned that it really doesn’t matter, so we have ditched the shield and he is all natural now. Woo hoo!! Makes my life so much easier!

We plan to introduce bottles this weekend as well since he has been doing so well with the breast. We have a wedding we are going to next weekend and will be leaving Grant with my parents, so I want to make sure he is good to go with the bottle long before we leave him.


Like I mentioned before, Grant had his days and nights mixed up in the first 10 days or so. He woke up every 2 hours at night, and then slept like a champ during the day. I thought this was just something newborns did, but luckily, my mom helped me get him on the right track. We put him on more of a schedule, and it really only took a few days. Thanks goodness! Now, he goes to sleep around 8pm, wakes up around 1:30-2am, and then again around 6am, falling back asleep until 8-8:30. Most days, I wake up for the day when he wakes up at 6 so I can get some things done (shower!!). He is usually awake for a few hours in the morning, sleeps for a few hours after lunch, and then I do my best to keep him awake for a few hours in the afternoon as well, otherwise he doesn’t fall asleep until wayyyy past his bed time. There are plenty of catnaps mixed in there as well.

Grant - 1 month


Since he is pretty skinny, Grant can still fit in his newborn clothes, but they are getting a little snug in length. I am thinking another week or so, and he will be completely in his 0-3 month clothes. I have been seeing some great sales on baby clothes, but don’t know if I should buy the bigger sizes, given I have no clue what size he will actually be in when he is 9-12 months. I’ll probably grab a few outfits, since I know he will be in the sizes eventually. Luckily, Florida seasons are very mild, so we really don’t have to worry much about dressing much for the seasons.

I am super excited for the next month, as I know he will be reaching some more fun milestones. I can not wait to get some more smiles out of this little guy. We have got a couple out of him (that weren’t followed by a fart or poop!), but seeing them on the regular will just make my day!

Love you more and more each day Grant! You truly light up each and every day!

Body After Baby: 3 Weeks

I had every intention of taking a few photos a bit earlier on in the body after baby process and sharing them with all of you, but then life got in the way. Three weeks later, I finally got to it (even thought tomorrow marks the month mark!).

Body after baby  3 weeks

So far, I’ve had a pretty easy journey losing most of the baby weight. I had a lot of water retention in the couple days after Grant’s birth since they pumped me with so much fluids during labor and delivery, so that came off very quick. The only time during the entire pregnancy I actually had swelling was when I left the hospital. I had some major cankles for a couple of days! By day 10, I was down 20 pounds, which means I have about 6 more pounds until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight, and then another 5 lbs to lose until I get back to the weight I truly started at (I had to gain 5 lbs to even get pregnant).

Body after baby 3 weeks

I am really not concerned about losing the weight at this point. I know it will come off eventually. I get my clearance to start exercising on April 10th, and I have a feeling once I am able to run and lift weights again, I will have a lot of success with shedding the extra pounds. I am itching to get back out there and get my sweat on – 2 more weeks and counting! I am carrying most of the added pounds in my hips, butt, and thighs, without a doubt. It takes a lot to carry a little person for those 9 months! The only thing I can do right now in terms of exercise is walk, so you can bet we are getting out when we can!

Bob stroller 3 weeks Grant

Something I am very conscious of at the moment is what I am putting in to my body. Like I said, I am not concerned with the weight loss, however, I do not want to be gaining a bunch of weight right now either. I need to fuel my body with the good things to keep my milk supply up, and have ample energy to take care of this beautiful little guy.

Grant 3 weeks

I am somewhat surprised about is how I am craving foods now so much more than when I was pregnant. I am eating fruit like it is going out of style, probably because the water content is so much higher. The breast feeding causes me to constantly feel thirsty! I am doing my best not to not buy sweets, because I don’t feel like I have nearly the self control to not eat it at this point. Healthy fats and filling foods are my go-to right now!

Anyone else have more cravings after they were pregnant?!

The MORE Everything Plan with Verizon Wireless

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Verizon Wireless.

As consumers, we are inundated with information on a daily basis as to how we should live our lives – what car we should drive, where we should eat, and of course, what cell phone company we should sign on with. I’ve been a Verizon customer my entire life. When I got my first Nokia brick phone – you know the one I am talking about – it was with Verizon. Once I upgraded to the incredibly sought after Razer, it was with the same company. Now that I am using the iPhone 5s, of course it is also with Verizon.

More Everything

They have recently introduced the MORE Everything Plan –> it’s a way to customize plans to fit what each family’s plan needs more of. We’re talking MORE






At the same time, they’re offering the early upgrade functionality that comes with the EDGE program mixed in. Not only do domestic customers get taken care of, but stay connected with your international family and friends has never been easier. The plan includes unlimited international messaging –> text, video, and picture messaging.

To make the program even sweeter, those customer who choose the Verizon Edge program with the MORE Everything package will receive $10 off monthly smartphone access for data allowances up to 8 GB and $20 off monthly smartphone access on plans of 10 GB and higher.

More Everything 2

Verizon was also nice enough to send me an amazing pair of headphones – the Sol Republic Relays. I love my iPhone, but the headphones that come with it really do not work well in my ears. The Sol Republic Relays are a totally different story! They come with a bunch of covers for the ear pods, so you can find the one that fits your ear perfectly.

Sol Republic Relays

Like the iPhone, they have a button on the wire for sound and microphone easy control, and the sound is top notch. I am thrilled to use them during the summer, as they are water and sweat resistant so I won’t have to deal with another pair of headphones breaking on me.

Sol Republic Relays

The $79 price tag is a little steep, but I would honestly purchase these regardless. They are a perfect gift for someone you may not know what to get, or just as a great gift for yourself!

What cell phone carrier are you loyal to? Do you like the normal iPhone headphones, or do they slip out of your ears too?

Bring it on Spring Workout

I’ve reached the 3 week mark in my postpartum journey, which means I’m halfway to working out again! I’m definitely not ready yet physically to get back at it, but mentally, I am there! I can’t wait to run long and fast again, as its been almost a year since I’ve done so. Here is a little workout to kick off the first day of Spring! I hope you are getting some nice weather like we are here in Florida! Spring has definitely sprung!

Bring it on Spring workout

I always love the first day of Spring because it marks the day Marcus and I got married. Happy 3 year anniversary to my amazing husband! There is nothing we can’t do and I love you now more than ever!

Meghann Wedding

Is it Spring like where you are, or is Winter sticking around still?

Why Hire a Doula?

It is unreal the amount of choices to make when you are pregnant. Between maternity clothes, food, and exercise, life can get overwhelming. Throw thinking about the actual birth of your baby in there, and whoa – things get real, and fast!

I read multiple books to see how I wanted to tackle labor and delivery, and ended up liking The Bradley Method and Hypnobirthing the best. Unfortunately, I really didn’t read them until a couple of months before Grant was born, so the 12 week classes were out of the question. How would we get the coaching we needed without actually going to the classes? Our answer: a doula.

According to DONA International, the word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves” and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.


I did some research and asked around to different friends for some recommendations. I had a few names given to me, and contacted those women for interviews. For me, it was very important to have someone I immediately felt at ease with, and could feel very comfortable with. After all, this person would see it all – the good, bad, and (perhaps) ugly parts of labor. Luckily, Heather was the very first person we interviewed and something just clicked.

We met with her once before the birth to chat about everything. This included what I wanted birth to look like, what helps to calm me, and just getting to know each other overall. The most important characteristic I looked for in Heather was someone who could be very hands on while also being hands off at the same time. Let me explain that a little bit. The most important thing to me in the birth of Grant was to have Marcus as my coach. He was going to be the person standing next to me the whole time, walking me through each contraction and just being my main support. I wanted a doula who could support me by supporting him. We really found the perfect match.

I would ask her if things were normal, like when I was feeling pain compared to the stage I was in. She helped us make decisions based on the wishes she knew I had, without being pushy or being the health provider role. She was incredibly respectful of the nurses and the entire medical staff, which is of course important. She used acupressure points and different massage oils to relieve pain, as well as help to calm my body and mind. She encouraged the switching of positions to encourage the baby to make his way down the birth canal. She has helped over 100 women bring their babies into the world, and it truly showed with her knowledge and overall demeanor.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Do you think your doula was even necessary since you ended up have a c-section?” My answer, “A million times yes”. This is when the support for Marcus came in. Not only was I scared getting rolled into the operating room, but he was scared seeing all of this happen. He was pretty much pushed to the side so the doctor’s could help Grant and I, and Heather was there to make sure he was handling everything alright.

Another aspect of hiring Heather to be our doula is the postpartum support. She was one of the first people to come up to my room in the mom and baby wing of the hospital, and immediately showed me how to use the breast pump, since I needed to get Grant my collostrum given I wouldn’t be seeing him until the next day. She walked me through what I needed to do, and just overall checked up on me. Then about a week after I got home, she came to our house to check up on us again. She gave Grant lots of hugs and snuggles, and made sure I was healing up as well. She is a huge support in the breastfeeding process, and I am constantly texting and calling her with questions, which she is more than happy to answer. I could not be happier with our choice to have Heather with us when we welcomed Grant into the world, and you can bet she will be there when we decide to grow our family even more.

Have you considered using a doula? Would you hire a person to support you and your significant other through the birth of your child?