Fit Foodie Race Week!

September 12, 2016

Guess what….. It’s race week!!


I haven’t ran a race since the Best Damn Race Safety Harbor 10k back in February, and that was while I was pregnant. I was quite cognizant of my heart rate and effort at the race, so I am excited to just get out and run this coming Saturday at the Fit Foodie 15k!

I’ve had some really great long runs lately, getting in all of the mileage I set out to do. This past Saturday, I was up and out the door by 5:20am and had one of my most enjoyable runs in quite sometime. It was so so quiet out and I finished before the sun even came up, so the temps were not as bad as they could have been. Don’t get me wrong, it was still crazy hot and humid out there, but the lack of sun makes such a big difference around here.

8 miles done

I only ended up skipping one of my long runs due to some childcare hiccups, and replaced that run with a 5.5 mile double stroller run. So I can’t really even consider that a skipped long run – more so different perceived effort. Double stroller running = hard. So hard!

Although this is a race, I am surely not racing it. I am in no kind of shape to push myself like that. I know I’m in shape to complete the race, not “see what my legs can do” in a 15k. I do however, want to enjoy the race, so I do plan to cut back just a tad this week so my legs are feeling good and not sluggish. Here is my plan for the week:

Monday: 5 miles

Tuesday: HIIT workout

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: Off

Saturday: 15k race!

So really, I am just cutting out one HIIT workout and cutting my Wednesday and Thursday runs back just a little bit. Nothing crazy, but enough to make it so I am not walking up to the start line with tired and sore legs.

My plan for the race is pretty darn simple. Line up with those runners looking to run a 9-9:30 minute mile and pretty much stay there. I tend to always get to the front at the start, but I am going to stay far away from my normal tactics! I don’t want to go out too fast and end up completely dying 5-6 miles in. That will definitely happen if I’m not careful!

I plan to run – but not too fast – and have fun! Pretty simple :)

Differences from 1 to 2 kids – 3 Months

September 9, 2016

We are currently right on the other side of that 3 month hump. Ya know, the one where people say, “the first few months are the hardest. Just give it some time. It gets easier.” I can absolutely say that’s true.

Davis 3 months

When I last checked in, life with 2 kiddos was no walk in the park. Davis was clingy and Grant was jealous. I couldn’t fault either one of them for their current state. Davis was just 8 weeks old and Grant was a new big brother, having to play second fiddle when he stole the show for the 2.5 years prior.

10 weeks was really our sweet spot. I distinctly remember being at the children’s museum on Davis’ 10 week birthday. We got out of the house without a hitch. There were zero tears that morning. The car was packed and then unloaded and we made our way into the building. All I could think was “Life is Good. I’ve got this”. That’s all it really took. I really started to believe in myself and not let little things overwhelm me. We had our little pack and we were ready to take on the world, one children’s activity at a time.

Grant and Davis 3 months

If you think mom (or dad) guilt is bad with one kid, just try having two. It gets way way worse. I can only imagine what life looks like with more kids than you have hands. Who needs my attention now? Who can cry while the other one gets what they want? As soon as I figured out the kids would be ok, regardless of the choice I made at that exact moment, I felt so much better. So I used the tv as a babysitter too many times to count over the summer. Grant had a happy meal on the way home from an outing more than once. Big deal. It made for a much more peaceful household and a much more calm mama.

So yea, 3 months in with two kiddos. I’ve got this mom thing down. That is, until I don’t. ūüėČ

Check out prior months below!

Month 1 Thoughts

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An Unexpected 5 Day Weekend

September 7, 2016

Here in Tampa we had a bit of a lucky streak this past weekend. Our 3 day weekend turned into a 5 day weekend because of Hurricane Hermine. Grant’s school closed on Thursday and Friday, and my work closed as well, as a precaution. Now, hurricanes are not a good thing, but the storm went a bit further north than expected, so we didn’t get nearly the amount of rain or wind that was forecasted. Other cities weren’t as lucky, but we definitely enjoyed the extra time off. I was able to spend it with¬†my favorite boys!

Grant and Davis

It rained pretty much all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. By the time Saturday rolled around, we were itching to get out and have some fun! I got out bright and early to get in my long run. I was able to knock out 8 miles solo, and was super happy to be able to do so!

8 mile run finished

I’m slowly creeping back up to some decent mileage, and my pace is following suit. I started the run around 9:45’s and finished my last mile at 8:50. I definitely call that progress! Now, as soon as the weather starts to cool down a little bit, I expect that pace to drop even more. Hot and humid running is no joke! Only 10 more days until the Fit Foodie 5k& 15k here in Tampa! Don’t forget to use my code, FOODFUNRUN, if you want to sign up for 10% off!

8 mile run

After getting in a good run Saturday, we headed out for a fun adventure. We were supposed to go to the zoo, but as we drove up and saw a heck of a storm rolling in, we diverted to the children’s museum instead.

firefighter childrens museum

I got pretty used to going to the museum solo over the summer, so having Marcus there was so much more fun. I was able to hang with Davis while Marcus played with Grant, and vice versa. It was awesome! We also saw so many other parents we knew there. I’m pretty sure everyone in town with kids needed an activity on Saturday morning. The children’s museum was the perfect place for it, and it left all of us tuckered out after. Both boys slept for 3 hours, at the same time that afternoon, which meant I also got in a 2 hour snooze. Parenting win!!Davis sleeping 3 months

Sunday was a little more low key, as Grant was dealing with a 24 hour fever so we took it pretty easy. He got a flu shot on Friday and I think he was just having a little side effect from the shot. Monday we finally got over to the zoo, per Grant’s request. He loves seeing the animals and riding a few of the rides in the kid’s area there.

Grant carousel

I swear Grant had a lot more fun than his face is giving off in the picture. He always ¬†looks so serious on the rides, and then asks for “More, more, more” once he gets off. He guess he’s just taking it all in! Davis even had his first ride on the carousel as well. I’m fairly certain I enjoyed it significantly more than he did.

Grant carousel 3 months

I capped off the weekend with another run, this time 4 miles with Grant, and just settled in to prep for the week. We did lots of food prep and winding down on Monday night. It was the perfect way to prepare for a nice, 4 day work week!

How was your long weekend? Did you get any of the bad weather from Hurricane Hermine?



Davis: 3 Months

September 2, 2016

Dear Davis,

Your first 3 months have flown by in the blink of an eye. I knew time would pass even faster this time around, but I secretly hoped it wouldn’t be true! I returned to work last week and miss you so much while I’m there. I guess it just makes the time we are together that much more special.

Davis 3 months 1

Your 3rd month was a big one! You rolled from your tummy to your back and drum roll please…. Started sleeping through the night! We are on our 3rd week of really solid night time sleep and I am so unbelievably thankful. I know it can change any day, so I am counting my blessings while it lasts. You sleep like a rock at night, but your day time sleep is a bit more unpredictable. Some days you will get 2 solid naps in, one in the morning and then one at night and be happy all day long. The days you can’t seem to calm down after waking up can be a little rough. I know you are just trying to figure it out though.

Davis 3 month smile

I think one of the reasons your day time sleep is less than ideal is due to a huge growth spurt you are in right now. We are about 7 days into you eating like a mad man. You went from eating 3-4 ounces every 3 hours to demanding 6 ounces in 3 hours or less. I can tell you are gaining weight in just the past week from all that eating. You are still exclusively breastfed so I am hoping to keep up my supply as you go through my milk like crazy!

You are just about to outgrow your size 1 diapers and are very comfortably in 3 month clothes nowadays. I’m not sure your weight since we haven’t been to the doctor this month, but we will definitely know more when you go in for your 4 month checkup.

Davis feet 3 months

My our head control is so good now and you love looking around so you don’t miss a thing. You love to follow your brother with your eyes and I can’t even tell you how much he loves it Davis. Grant is so unbelievably proud to be your big brother.

Grant and Davis 3 months

You’ve had a little issue with some eczema the past couple of weeks, but after visiting the doctor, we seem to have it all under control. You are as happy and healthy as ever!

Thanks for lighting up our lives Davis. We all love you so very much!

You Won’t Get Bored Treadmill Workout

August 31, 2016

I think we all have a love hate relationship with the treadmill. I love it when it’s raining or too hot, but you won’t find me on one when the weather is nice. We are still in the dog days of summer here in Florida, so I hopped on the treadmill on Monday for a quick speed workout on my lunch break. I’m still getting back into the swing of running, so after 6 weeks or running pretty slow, I was ready to pick it up and get my legs moving a bit. Let me tell you, it felt amazing! I was sweating buckets¬†after I was finished!

I opted for a short and sweet workout, as I am really just not ready for anything else. I am still working on my endurance so short, fast intervals are definitely the name of the game right now. Hopefully in the next few months, I can start getting in some tempos, mile repeats, ya know – the fun stuff! You will notice the intervals are a little different in regard to distance. I didn’t want to do all the normal quarter mile, half mile, etc. I though putting in some shorter intervals would be fun too! It was definitely different and kept me on my toes!

For the workout below, after every interval, recover for the same distance, but at a fraction of the speed. I recommend a slow jog at the very least. Do your best to not resort to walking. If you have to, then by all means do so, but just give it your all to give it a shuffle.

You Wont Get Bored Treadmill Workout

I hope you enjoy the workout!