Davis: 11 Months

May 17, 2017
Davis 11 Months_1

Dear Davis,

There is just one word to describe your 11th month – personality! It is really shining through each and every day and I can not say enough amazing things about it! You are a giggly, chatty little boy and you are truly so so happy! You are laid back and tend to just go with the flow, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Davis 11 Months_1

You are right under 20 pounds at this point and are comfortably fitting in 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. You are definitely on the smaller side, even though you eat everything in sight! We are talking lasagna, oatmeal, chicken and green beans – pretty much anything you can get your hands on. You also only drink breast milk still and enjoy nursing every day. Your intake has decreased a bit since you are eating so much solid food, but you still love it! You scream in excitement whenever you see a bottle on the counter – it’s so funny!

Davis 11 Months_2

You cruise the furniture like a champ and aren’t too far from gaining enough strength to walk. You really, really want to, but your little legs just buckle when you try to stand by yourself. You’ll get there soon enough! For now, you are just doing your own little crawl. I describe it as if you are doing breast stroke on land. Needless to say, all of your clothes are getting so so dirty every day since your belly just drags on the ground as you move around. That’s ok! Who needs clean clothes anyway?!

Davis 11 Months_4

Davis, you have a total of 8 teeth now, which threw you for a bit of a loop over the weekend! One tooth was really bothering you as it was coming in, but as soon as it cut through, you were back to all smiles and giggles. You were all cuddles when you weren’t feeling well, and the snuggles have carried over a little bit. You actually put your head on my chest and just relax, and I pretty much stop whatever I am doing to soak it in. I know that won’t last forever, so I just enjoy your sweet, sweet hugs.

Davis 11 Months_6

You had a few fun firsts in your 11th month – we went to a baseball game and the local church carnival. Your brother had an absolute blast at both events, and you just took it all in. It will be even more fun when the two of you are running around like crazy boys, having so much fun. I’m so excited to see it!

Grant Davis USF baseball game

You moved up a level in your swim class this past month too! You have no fear when it comes to swimming, which is a little bit of both good and bad. You will hop off the wall and dive into the water any chance you get! You have really mastered learning when to hold your breath and now we are focusing on helping you roll over once you’ve gotten into the water. At your age, we are all just focused on the survival skills of swimming, and you are really excelling.

Davis 11 Months_5

This was the fastest 11 months to date, and I am so happy you have been here to spend it with me, Daddy, and Grant.

In just a couple of weeks, we are going to celebrate you turning one, sweet pea! I can’t wait!

Miles For Moffitt 2017 10k Recap

May 15, 2017

Miles for Moffitt is a race that I’ve had on my list to do for many years, but it just never really lined up in my race calendar. It falls pretty late in the season, and usually I’m done racing by this point. Since I have a half marathon this coming weekend, Miles for Moffitt landed in the perfect time for a little 10k tuneup before 13.1!

The race course is up at USF, so I had a quick 15-20 minute drive since there was no traffic. I had heard they start closing roads at 6:30, so I got into the parking lot right at 6:25am to make sure I didn’t have any issues before my 7:30am start time. I finished up my cup and coffee and then headed to the port-o-potties! With plenty of time to spare, I went and found a few friends to chat with a bit before heading out for my 2 mile warm up. I needed to get in a total of 8 miles, and since I tend to not complete mileage post race, I opted for a longer than usual warm up instead.

About a mile into the run, I knew it was going to be a tough race because I was already sweating a pretty good amount. That’s a Florida road race in May for you! I got back to the corral with plenty of time to spare, and lined up between the 7 and 8 minute corrals. I didn’t want to get stuck behind walkers, but I also didn’t want to go out too fast. I thought this would be the prefect spot to be. Once the clock hit 7:30am and we were off running, right on time!

We lucked out that the morning was a little on the overcast side. The course is all on the streets on the USF campus, so the sun could have been rough. There was also a nice breeze, so I was pretty thankful! As always, the first mile zoomed by in no time at all! There was water right at the first mile, but I opted to skip that one. There were still a lot of people around and I didn’t want to get caught up in the bottle neck of that first stop.

Mile for Moffitt Course

Once I came up on the mile 2 water station, I was more than ready for a sip! Unfortunately the cups they used were styrofoam, which is less than ideal. When you squeeze them to make an easy sip, they tend to split down the side. I was able to get a little bit of water, but it was honestly a bit of a pain! It was at this time that I could see a couple of other women in front of me, but I knew I was closing in on them fast. With the course being a large loop with multiple out and backs, it was pretty simple to see how many people were in front me. There was 1 other female. Just 1. I hadn’t planned to really push myself, but with this kind of placement, I felt like I had to keep my momentum!

Right around mile 4.5, I definitely started to feel the speed, but I knew I was almost done. On the back half of the course, there were a few hills that I was not expecting, so that proved to be even more challenging. I saw the first place female right before mile 5, and she was booking it. There was no way I was going to come even close to catching her, so I just held my ground and ran my race. I wasn’t going to let anyone pass me, but I wasn’t going to try and speed up anymore either.

Miles for Moffitt 10k_2

The only good part about hills is that good ole saying – what goes up must come down. I took the last hill really strong and let my legs just carry me down at the end. Then, there was one long straight away and a little turn to the finish line. I tried to kick it in, but my legs just weren’t having it. I haven’t been doing many dedicated speed workouts (especially at paces below 7:30) so my pace felt a little foreign and I was super fatigued.

I crossed the finish line in 44:54 (per the race, not my watch), good enough for 1st place in my age group and the 2nd woman overall! I was really happy with this race! I feel like I have been in such a running rut for the past 6 months, and I really needed this as a confidence booster. Seeing a couple of my miles sub 7 was pretty exciting, especially because those miles really weren’t that taxing.

Miles For Moffitt 10k Splits

I am excited to run my half marathon next weekend in Cleveland, and then back off a little bit over the summer to build a solid base, as I start marathon training in September!

There is one part of this race that I really feel like I need to point out – the race itself was amazing – really, it was. But I had a big parking issue trying to leave. The parking lot I parked in was closed down completely post race, with zero heads up. All exits and entrances were blocked, so we all were stuck until the streets were clear. Honestly, this wasn’t my issue. When I asked the traffic cop what was up, he was an absolutely jerk. He actually started yelling and screaming at me when I asked him where I should go, and when the lot was going to open back up. After having such a great experience at the race, this completely soured my whole morning. Luckily, I was only sitting for about 30 minutes, when a very pleasant cop showed up to help us out of the lot, but I was shocked at how terrible the first man was treating me. It was as easy as having a quick conversation and letting us know logistics. Instead, he was hollering and letting us know the next person who asked him questions would be receiving a traffic violation. Seriously, it was awful. **End Rant**.

Miles for Moffitt 10k_1

Anyhow, the Moffitt team put on a great, well planned race. I am torn as to whether I’ll run it again because of the parking fiasco, but the race itself was a lot of fun!

Davis: 10 Months

April 25, 2017

Hey little boy!

Now that you are almost 11 months old, I think it’s time I actually sit down and write your 10 month update! Month 10 was full of so many discoveries for you. You pull up on everything and are cruising the furniture like a pro. When I come into your room every morning, you are standing up and bouncing up and down to greet me. It is my absolute favorite thing to see each as I start my day!

Davis 10 Months_4

You are growing out of the 6 month clothes you have, so I think we will be transitioning your drawers soon. SIze 2 diapers are pretty snug as well, so I think size 3 are in the very near future. I’m not sure how much you weigh, but if I had to guess, I’d say between 18-19 lbs. You are growing perfectly on the growth chart and are starting to get a few little rolls.

You are eating anything and everything still and have really mastered the pincher grip. You eat all sorts of table foods now, rather than all of the pureed foods we started you out with. You make the funniest noises when you like what you are chewing on – its almost like you are repeatedly saying yummmmm!!!

Davis 10 Months_2

You are a super fast crawler now and can move across the house in no time if there is something you are going after. You can take (very) assisted steps now, and I see your legs getting stronger and stronger each passing day. You can’t start school until you are walking (per the school’s rules), so we are definitely hoping you will figure it out come July. You will be starting in the same class your big brother did, and we can’t wait to see you thrive around all of the other kiddos.

Your sleep is still superb and you go down at night like clock work. Luckily, your bed time has been stretched until 7pm now, which I love. I get to see you for a solid 30-45  more minutes each day! We play lots of fun games at night and your brother smothers you with hugs and kisses. You still love breastfeeding, which makes me happy. Those 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening are really a special time for me to spend with just you.

Davis 10 Months_1

Our whole house got a stomach bug this past month – you included. Luckily, you bounced back in no time and we affected the least out of everyone. Even when you were under the weather, you were still the happiest little guy. The extra snuggles you needed we fine by me. It is so rare you cuddle with me any more, so rocking you to bed at night and soaking in that sweet baby smell was like heaven for me.

We have just a couple more months until your big 1 year birthday! We are already start to plan the fun with our close friends and family and can’t wait to spend the day celebrating YOU!

Stay as sweet and kind as you are now, and no one will be able to stop you, sweet boy. I love you with all my heart!


Fitness Check-in

March 30, 2017

Oh hey there! Long time no talk! Finding time to blog has been tough, as we’ve been fighting a stomach bug in our house for nearly 3 weeks! I think it’s finally left for good! Marcus is the last one in need of a little extra TLC to finally kick this thing, but the boys and I are all well. Thank goodness!

Radio Flyer Double Wagon

I haven’t checked in at all lately regarding fitness, so I think it’s definitely overdue! It’s not that there hasn’t been any workouts – their most definitely have been – I’ve just had other priorities as of late.

Around mid- December, a new community center opened up super close to our house. We signed up as soon as they started selling memberships, and I’m thrilled we did! The workout facility is amazing! Everything is brand new with all of the latest gadgets. I’m seriously in fitness geek heaven. With the opening of the new facility came a re invigoration of my workouts. Apparently I wasn’t inspired at my office gym, as I wasn’t seeing many results – probably because I was constantly doing the same workouts. Now, I’m getting in some intense weight workouts 3 times a week, and I feel stronger than I have since wrapping up track and cross country in college. I’m seeing muscles show up that haven’t ever said hello, and I feel all around really really great!

I’ve scaled down my running a little bit too. When I used to run 5-6 days a week, I’m currently getting out just 3 days a week now on runs. This is definitely on purpose as we roll into some warmer months here in Florida, and I really don’t have goal races scheduled. I do have a 10k and a half marathon coming up, but nothing I’m really looking to PR in. I’m getting in about 20-25 miles a week and really making my time on the road count.  I plan to keep my mileage where it is, and then ramp up come fall when I start training for another marathon! My friend Meg and I signed up for the Disney Marathon in January 2018. We’ve got plenty of time to relax a bit on the firm exercise schedule. Come September, I’ll most likely be back to running 4-6 days a week, depending on the approach I want to take with my training schedule.

I’d like to share some of the workouts I’ve been doing here, so hopefully some of you can get a jump start back in the weight room, too. I really was lacking motivation for a long time, but seeing the results I am currently seeing has really put a pep in my step!

9 Months Post Pregnancy

Fingers crossed I can make the time to get blogging a couple of days a week to connect here a bit more on a fitness level! I miss this little community!

The 2017 Gasparilla Half Marathon: Race Recap

March 13, 2017
Gasparilla Half Marathon 2017

Oh Gasparilla, how I love thee!

This race is my absolute favorite has been my favorite for years and years for a few solid reasons – the swag is awesome, the medals are amazing, the on course support is stellar, and the route is fantastic.

This year, I got an extra treat, as my sister and I ran the race together. She has somewhat recently gotten into running (this was her 3rd half) and it was her very first time running Gasparilla. I knew I wanted to run it with her, so when we walked up to the start, we filed right in line with runners looking to go sub 2 hours. This was the first year they had the different waves (sub 2 hour finishers and 2+ hour finishers) and I think it made a big difference. It wasn’t nearly as tough to get in and out of the crowds as it had been in years past.

Gasparilla Half Marathon 2017_4

Em led the way through the crowds and I stuck right on her back. It’s pretty easy to get separated in the beginning of a large race like this one, so I told her to lead so I didn’t push the pace. I tend to get a little caught up at the start sometimes. 😉

The first 4-5 miles are on Davis Island, which is a sleepy neighborhood perfect for a race. There were a few water stops on the island and then we went up and over the bridge onto Bayshore Boulevard, where we would remain for the remainder of the race. Since it is an out and back, spectating can be pretty great if you know where people will be standing. My friend Meg was right on the road after we hopped off the bridge, and then my parents were down around mile 6. I always look forward to seeing smiling faces in local races!

Gasparilla Half Marathon 2017_3

We were shooting for a sub 2 hour finish, and per our watch splits, we were right on point! Emily was feeling strong and we just put one foot in front of the other as we moved along. I had to take a quick potty break around mile 8, so I did a quick sprint to the port-o-potty and then caught back up with Em – no sweat!

Gasparilla Half Marathon 2017_1

As soon as we got to the turning point, we noticed a distinct difference in the race – a massive headwind. It looked like we’d be facing one heck of a windy last 4 miles. I did a little bit of wind blocking for Em to help save some of her energy, but she didn’t even need it. She was feeling great!

I knew my boys were standing right at the 12 mile mark, so I was so excited to see them cheer us on! Grant loves running now and is one of my favorite running buddies, so he loves seeing mommy run. He can’t quite understand why he isn’t able to keep running with me when I see him on the course though, so that is something we are working on 😉

After seeing my family, Em and I grabbed another sip of water and headed to the finish! She was really feeling the increased speed and headwind, and was pretty ready to be done at this point. With just one more mile to go, she really dug deep and found that last ounce of energy to pull off a sweet PR!

We crossed the finish line in 1:54:50 – right around a 30 second PR for Em! Woot!

Gasparilla Half Marathon 2017

Other than the awful headwind, the weather was really ideal! Especially considering how hot and humid it was the day before, I call this a win! Can’t wait to be back next year!