Baby Baum #2 – 13 & 14 weeks

December 10, 2015

I’d though about skipping the updates this pregnancy, but then I realize how much I like reading other people’s as well as how great it is to look back at the check-ins from last time.

Here I am at 13 weeks

Baby Baum #2 13 weeks

And then again at 14 weeks

Baby Baum #2 - 14 Weeks

It’s nothing sort of crazy how much bigger the bump is this time around. I had always heard how fast it can be 2nd time around, and this is definitely no different.

Before I get to myself, here is what is going on with Baby Baum #2 at 13-14 weeks:

  •  BB is now the size of a lemon! I can definitely tell – this belly is getting bigger
  • He or She can suck on its thumb, wiggle its toes, make urine, and breathe amniotic fluid as the liver, spleen, and kidneys continue to develop
  • Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over the body for warmth

What’s going on with me:

Weight Gained: I am honestly not sure where I am at this point. I think its about 7-8 lbs or so. I am definitely up a bit more than last time

Workouts: I am doing my very best to run 3-4 days a week and then get in 2 days of strength training. Some weeks are better than others, but I am pretty happy with the workouts so far. I am just hoping to keep up the running throughout my pregnancy. It hasn’t been as easy this time around, so if it gets too much tougher, I may have to throw in the towel. I’m just not ready to do that yet.

Symptoms: I had a pretty rough first trimester – a lot of morning (or all day) sickness and I was beyond exhausted. Luckily, I am feeling really good these days. The sickness is gone and energy is starting to come back. Hopefully it’ll be back in full swing soon!

Food Aversions: At this point, nothing! During the first trimester, I felt like I didn’t want to eat anything and then one day, it just went away. I am doing my best to eat healthy and stay away from too many hamburgers 😉

Food Cravings: Salty – just like my 1st pregnancy with Grant. This really isn’t a surprise because I tend to lean to salty foods all the time.

Sleep: No problems here yet. Over Thanksgiving, Grant had a cold which really killed the sleep. But now that he is better, I have no problem sleeping straight through the night. I don’t have to get up and use the bathroom all the time like I did when I was pregnant with Grant, so that is a very nice change.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing at all. We have everything we need from when Grant was born, so I don’t plan on buying anything. We are going to move Grant into a big boy room after he turns 2 and reuse his nursery for the next baby since it is gender neutral (somewhat).

Miss anything?: Wine, definitely wine! And sushi of course – the cooked sushi just isn’t the same. I am missing running effortlessly for sure. It’ll be a while until that happens again, but its all worth it for the little baby in my belly!

Do you know the sex? Nope! We didn’t find out the first time and we won’t be finding out this time either!

The 2015 Goody Goody Turkey Gobble 5k

December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving is never complete for me without a Turkey Trot. Grant and I were up and at ’em bright and early on Thursday for the Goody Goody Turkey Gobble 5k. The race started at 7am in downtown, so it was super easy for me to get to. We parked right on the other side of downtown so we didn’t have to worry about a snag in parking and it was an absolute breeze! We just popped over the bridge to the Amalie Arena and we were right at the starting line.

Good Goody Turkey Gobble 2015_1

The race team asked that anyone with pets or strollers line up towards the back, which was something quite new for me. I tend to always creep to the front of the line, but with the baby on board, I am not worrying about any sort of speed. I am not one of those pregnant women who can run a lot during pregnancy – I wish I could, but I feel like crap when I do. I will probably never run more then 3-5 miles, with the majority of my runs at that 3 mile distance – and I am a-ok with that.

Once the race started, everyone made their way across the start line and under the convention center, then over the Platt Street Bridge onto Bayshore Boulevard.

Goody Good Turkey Gobble 2015_2

Once we were on Bayshore, it was a pretty easy out and back. The course is all water front, so it was a beautiful time of morning to be outside. It was in the upper 60’s and perfect! Grant was bundled under his blanket in the stroller and I was pushing us along! We got to the turnaround, grabbed some water, and then made our way back towards the finish line.

Goody Goody Turkey Gobble 2015_3 Bayshore

I ended up running until I got to mile 2.5. I was feeling the run and was just up for walking, so I did! I walked for about a minute and then was back on my way to the finish line! I couldn’t help but smile as I ran through through it, as all of the spectators were clapping, so of course Grant was clapping too. he worked hard in his first 5k and made sure to give himself and his mommy a round of applause.

Goody Goody Turkey Gobble 2015_4

Given the race itself was sponsored by Goody Goody, a old but new hamburger restaurant here in Tampa, I knew the post race breakfast was not going to disappoint. It was super delicious!

Goody goody turkey gobble catering

It wasn’t just bagels, bananas and granola bars. This race had a full hot breakfast of really yummy food! Grant and I shared my plate and it was a hit for all.

Goody Goody Turkey Gobble Post Race Food

It was a great race and such a treat to have just minutes away from the house. I will say that having a longer distance would be nice – the other race I am used to running on Thanksgiving is a 10k – but maybe in future years as the race grows and grows they may add it. We shall see! A big thanks to all of the volunteers who sacrificed their Thanksgiving beauty sleep to be out with all of us on Bayshore. We really appreciate it!Goody GOod Turkey Gobble POst Race



Baby Baum #2 – The Details

November 24, 2015

Thanks for the congrats on Baby Baum #2! I am so so excited for Grant to have a sibling and am really looking forward to all of the fun with pregnancy. Here are some details on the pregnancy so far!

How did you find out you were pregnant?

I was feeling a little funny (a lot like last time) so I thought it would be good to take a test. I took a super cheap one on the Friday before traveling to Cleveland, and got a crazy faint positive. I had gotten a couple of faint positives in earlier months, so I really didn’t think much of it. I just threw it to the side and boarded my plane. The next day, I was just super lethargic and could tell something was up. My sister and I went to CVS and grabbed a First Response, and it was super positive – definitely no mistaking on that one.

What kind of pregnancy test did you take?

The first one was the Wondfo dip stick. The other was a First Response (the one with the pink dye).

How many?

2 Wondfo’s and 2 FRER – 2 come in the box, so why not use them 😉

What were your first symptoms?

I was lethargic and just felt off. I felt exactly the same as I did when I found out I was pregnant with Grant, so I had a pretty good feeling.

Who did you tell first?

I actually told my sister since she was with me when I bought the test. Marcus was out running errands at the time, so I told him later that day. This was probably 30 minutes before we found out!

Brooks LSD jacket

My first reaction:

I was thrilled! I had some tough times in the 30 days prior to this because of the meds I was on (i’ll talk about this in a later post) so I was pretty down about the whole process. I ended up getting pregnant on the 3rd and final round I was able to have the medicine (Clomid), so I felt super fortunate.

Was your baby planned?

Most definitely!

How far were you when you found out?

Right at 4 weeks.

How did your parents/family react?

Everyone was thrilled. Telling everyone about baby #2 is much different, since I feel like they more so expected it. With #1, no one even knew we were trying so we really caught people off guard!

How did you tell your friends?

A few of them knew right away since I had the issues with the medicine the month prior, but most of our other friends found out sporadically from about 6 weeks to the 12 week mark. We did tell a few more people this time around a bit earlier – our ongoing joke was that it was the worst kept secret ever.

Baby Details

Due Date: June 4, 2016

Do you know the sex? Nope

Will you find out the sex? No! We are waiting to find out on his or her birthday!

Any names? We have a couple that spilled over from our list with Grant, but we haven’t talked about it too seriously.

Were you trying long? Since May

Any ultrasounds? Yep! I’ve actually had 3 ultrasounds already. I had a pretty big issue with an overstimulated ovary, so I had to make sure it was shrinking the way it needed to as the baby was growing.

12WEEKS_Baby Baum #2

Have you heard the heartbeat? Yep! A couple of times now – it never gets old.

Will the baby have siblings? Grant and Winnie B, of course!

Have you felt the baby move? Not yet.

How do you feel?

I’m back to feeling pretty normal for the most part. I am still really tired, but that is to be expected. I am thinking I’ll get some energy back in the coming weeks.

Do you have morning sickness?

Oh man, yes. I feel like the morning sickness started almost immediately – week 5 this time. I was just a little queasy, and then had a real problem week 9. I felt like I couldn’t eat a thing and just want to crawl into a hole. Luckily, it really only lasted about 10 days and then really lightened up. I think I am on the other side of it now. I’ve actually been able to eat lots of veggies and some really healthy food, which I remember being a big no no for me last time around.

Do you have any cravings?

Just salty things really – and its really not that I am craving them – I just prefer it more so over sweet stuff. I am not usually a big sugar lover, so this isn’t really out of the norm for me.

Do you have any food aversions?

Nope, not yet.

Do you have any mood swings?

I feel myself getting a little more agitated now later in the day, but they haven’t been anything crazy. I’m usually not a very moody person either, so I don’t expect all too much here.

How far long are you now?

I am 12 weeks and 3 days. I hit the new week each and every Saturday, so this coming weekend I will be 13 weeks along.



The 20th is a Big Date

November 20, 2015

The 20th tends to be a big date for us around here. Marcus and I started dating on the 20th of September, got engaged on November 20th (6 years ago today) and then got married on March 20th. Its only fitting that another big event (or in this case announcement) should happen on the 20th.

Grant Big Bro

We couldn’t be more thrilled! Details to come soon :)

A New Race in Town – The Goody Goody Turkey Gobble

November 16, 2015

One of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving (other than eat, of course) is to get involved in a turkey trot. These races tend to range from a mile, to a 5k, 10k, and even a half marathon (!!) in some places. I’ve been running the same Turkey Trot for over 10 years. It is a 10k over in St. Pete and I really do love running it. This year, I am deciding to stay in Tampa for an all new turkey trot! Since the race in St. Pete was the only one offered for so long, it is amazing to have one available here in Tampa, just a few minutes away from the house.

Goody Goody Turkey Gobble

The origination of the race is a pretty fun story too. A group of runners started meeting at the downtown YMCA years ago for a run on Thanksgiving morning. After years and years of all showing up for the run, they decided to go ahead and make it official with a true 5k race, starting at the Amalie arena in downtown, and then heading down Bayshore Boulevard for an out and back course. This race is the Goody Goody Turkey Gobble!

Good y Goody is a new-to-me restaurant here in Tampa (it was around years ago and is coming back), started by Richard Gonzmart, who is a Tampa legend. He is the owner of the ever famous Columbia restaurant (1905 salad and sangria anyone!?) and will be catering the post race breakfast. I am pretty pumped to try the food and see what it is all about.

I can’t wait to just drive 5 minutes down the road and run a great 5k with thousands of other runners from Tampa. I know it is going to be awesome and think it is the perfect way to start off the holiday!