Races, Pictures, & Houses

Heyyyy Friday! Always great to see you again. The past couple of weeks have absolutely flown by for me. There are just so many great things going on around here! Let me catch ya up to speed a bit.

I decided on a marathon.

Best Damn Race Cape Coral

After a lot of thinking about what race I want to run since my race was canceled, and focusing mostly on the logistics of everything, I am going with the Best Damn Race Cape Coral Marathon. It’d definitely not the most scenic race (it’s 2 identical loops) but it does fit best in my schedule. It’s a little further away from my original race day, but it is pretty close to where I live. I’ll be able to stay with a friend the night before, and the race entry is extremely affordable. I was leaning a little more toward the West Palm Marathon, but the date just doesn’t work because…..

We are buying a house!

We had been looking for a house since April, and just wasn’t able to get anything. We out offers on a couple but weren’t able to get them, and then one of the ones we loved came back on the market. We put in an offer, and it was accepted! We close on December 1st, and then move that Friday. Hence, why I can’t run a marathon on the 7th. Too much moving to do! Now, we still have the inspection to get through, but keep your fingers crossed for us! I really hope this goes through. The house has some updating that is needed, but the bones are good. It should be a fun project for Marcus and I for sure. Just check out that snazzy wallpaper.

Bradford kitchen

I registered for my first post-baby race

I haven’t participated in a road race since before Grant was born, and I am excited to finally get my feet wet again. I will be running in the Florida Halloween Halfathon. I ran the 5k last year when I was pregnant, and loved the experience. I also PR’d on the same course (different race) back in 2013. I am super excited to get back to racing, and I’m even more excited about the bling! Check out the medal!

Halloween Halfathon Medal

Grant took some awesome photos.

We Grant’s 6 month photos about a week ago, and I finally got the order in yesterday. I can’t wait to share the edited photos with you, but here is one from the shoot, taken on my phone.

Grant 6 month photo shoot


Fall is coming to Florida!

I know most of you have been having nice weather for a while now, but it has been so hot here this summer. This weekend, it looks like we are finally getting a couple of cooler mornings! I may just have to delay my long run to Sunday to take advantage of it :)

Weather forecast

I think those are my biggest highlights this week! Anything fun happen with ya’ll this week?


Grant: 7 Months

How are you closer to a year now than being a newborn Grant? It is true what everyone is saying – you are more and more fun each and every day. I have absolutely loved each stage you have gone through, and month 6 to 7 was no different. I can really describe you pretty easily with one word – smiley!

Grant 7 Months Old

You are always so happy and it is absolutely contagious. Every night when I come home from work and turn the corner, your gummy smile shoots right back at me and I just can’t help but smile right back at you.

We have still bit introducing some food to you, and you are just now getting more and more interested in it. You have found your favorite food so far though – hummus! I know, it surprised your daddy and I too, but you just can’t get enough of it. You still love your breast milk and eat 6 ounces at a time, every 3 or so hours. We didn’t go to the doctor this month, but I know you are still growing well. You are getting heavier and heavier by the day! You fit very comfortably in 9 month clothes and I can’t believe it! It is pretty wild how quickly you grow out of everything.

Grant 7 Months Old

Sitting up is your favorite these days, and we can tell how proud of yourself you are when you do it. You smile from ear to ear, and check out everything around you all the time. Your head is constantly on a swivel as you explore every aspect of your world. You haven’t figured out a real crawl yet, but you are scooting like a pro and army crawling like a mad man. Crawling is just around the corner, that’s for sure.

You had a visit from your Auntie Em this month. She came from Cleveland to visit you for a whole week, and loved all the time she was able to spend with you. Grant, you are so lucky to have so many people in your life who love you so so much!

Emily and Grant

Your Mimi and Papaw bought you an exersaucer this month, and you love it! There are so many things for you to do, and it keeps you entertained for quite some time. The lights, colors, and different sounds it makes just light you up Grant!


Just like always, the time you spend with Daddy is the best. You are completely enthralled with his guitar and the music that comes from it. I have a feeling your first music lesson will be as soon as we can find one that fits you perfectly.

Grant Marcus Guitar

This next month is the start of the holidays, and I can not wait to experience them all with you for the first time. We already have your Halloween costume all ready to go – you are going to be the cutest baby on the block!

Grant 7 Months Old

Can you do me a favor Grant? Please never stop being such a happy little guy. We are truly blessed to call you ours :)


Jump Around the Track Workout

One piece of advice applies to every race out there – to race fast, you have to train fast, plain and simple. It is tough to find variety in speed workouts, and it is far to easy to get in a rut of doing Yasso 800′s every week, or mile repeats every other Wednesday. What about changing it up mid workout? Here is a great running speed workout to keep you on your toes, and really makes you jump around with your turnover during the workout.

Jump around the track workout


Do you prefer straight repeats or do you like to throw in some different distances here and there?

10 Years

This past weekend, Marcus and I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of our first date. We started dating way back in high school, so our first date just so happened to be the homecoming dance senior year. What else could we do but re-enact the night?!

Marcus wore a grey suit similar to one he wore 10 years ago. His outfit from our first date was a grey tuxedo with tails from a vintage shop down the street, so our goal was to get it as close as we could to looking the same. I however, completely lucked out. My mom actually has a bunch of my old dresses at her house, and my homecoming dress was in the pile. I put it on, and I was in luck – it actually fit!

10 Year homecoming anniversary

10 year homecoming anniversary

I bought Marcus a boutonniere and he got me a corsage – the perfect addition to any school dance outfit. We had my parents take our pictures, just like back in the day, before heading off to dinner at the same restaurant we went to before the big dance, Mise en Place. We hadn’t been to this restaurant since that day and we were blown away. The food, the service, and the experience were unmatched. Everything we had was absolutely fantastic.

10 year homecoming anniversary

What would a 10 year anniversary be in the same dress at the same restaurant be without a picture from that day, right?

Flash back to 2004, when we were seniors in high school.

Homecoming 2004

And then now in 2014, married with the best 6 month old baby in the world!

10 year homecoming anniversary

 Happy 10 years Marcus – and here’s to so many more!



When Your Marathon Is Canceled

I was browsing through my Facebook feed yesterday and came across this message.

Chosen Marathon Canceled


It looks like the marathon I have been training for has been canceled. I was planning to sign up in the next couple of weeks for it, so at least I don’t have to bother with getting a refund or anything, but it is still a huge bummer. I picked this race because the start line is about a mile from my house and logistically, race weekend was going to be a piece of cake – no travel, no need to take off work, easy peasy! But now, a bit of a wrench has been thrown into the mix.

At this point, I feel like I have put in far too many miles and early mornings to throw in the towel of completing a marathon this season. I am up to running 16 miles pretty comfortably, which means I really only have 4-5 super long runs left. Now, I need to find a replacement, and have a few ideas in my head.

Best Damn Race Cape Coral

Best Damn Race Cape Coral


This is the first year for the Best Damn Race down in Cape Coral. They are expanding across Florida, with this being the 4th location. The race series is going on its 3rd year over in Safety Harbor, which is right across the bridge from Tampa. Based upon the course map, it looks like it is a 2 loop marathon course, which doesn’t exactly excite me. However, it is a very affordable race, coming in around half the price of a lot of other races. It’s also only 2 hours from home, which is nice so I wouldn’t have to take off any time from work. The weather could also be a bit warm, since it is in South Florida. I know it is in December and all, but Cape Coral doesn’t exactly get cold like so many other places.

Rock N Roll Savannah

Savannah RNR

This one is a bit further away (around 5.5 hours or so) from our house, but I think it is the best one in regard to timing. It is one week before the marathon I was going to run, so there wouldn’t be any type if hiccup in training. I would probably just end up cutting out one long run. Logistically, I think it might be a little tough to get to though with the race being on Saturday and having to take off a day of work. Also, I can imagine most hotels are already sold out at this point, but I haven’t checked yet. This one is also a bit more on the pricey side. The weather is usually pretty cool in Savannah this time of year as well.

Palm Beaches Marathon

Palm Beaches Marathon

This race is the first week of December, so I would really only need to stretch my training to another few weeks – 1 to 2 more long runs. I ran this race back in 2009, and qualified for Boston on the course, so I know it is flat and fast. I haven’t done any speed this time around, so I am really not looking to break any PR’s or anything. It can also be a pretty warm race as well. When I ran it last time, I got super lucky and started the race with temps in the 60′s, which is pretty unusual for South Florida that time of year. I really enjoyed this race and course, and it is very spectator friendly, so Marcus could drive around to different points on the course. Pricing for this race is pretty standard for the marathon distance.

Space Coast Marathon

Space Coast Marathon

This would be perfect timing, but unfortunately, it is sold out :( It is the weekend after Thanksgiving, so my training would really be perfect for this race. It’s also only a couple of hours from where we live, and we could stay with friends and save money on a hotel. If anyone has any strings they can pull for this race, please let me know ;) 

Jacksonville Bank Marathon

Jacksonville Bank Marathon

This would probably be my last choice since it is so late in the year. I would really have to stretch my training out for this race. I also don’t want to have to run a race around the holidays since there is so much else going on at that time of year. A perk is that it is likely to be a bit cooler for this race, which is always a plus. It is also very affordable as well and more of a hometown type of race (aka, no frills).

Other than these options, I am pretty stuck! Anyone have a suggestion for November or December Florida race?