My Tips for Running With A Stroller

September 9, 2015

A running stroller is one of the best items a new mom (or dad!) can receive, especially if they are active and want to get back into shape after baby. We received a Bob stroller from our group of friends, and I could not be more thankful. I use it every single day, without fail, whether I am walking or running. It rides well, we can store plenty underneath, and it is very comfy for Grant. Here are a few tips to make the most out of running with a stroller with your little one.

Build Up To It

Going for a first stroller run usually happens after you get your clear after your 6 week postpartum checkup. Running solo is tough enough, so adding 15 lbs of baby and stroller is a heck of a workout. Try and get your fitness back to normal before pushing your stroller on every run. Split your runs and go on some of them alone, then take the stroller for the other runs. Pushing a stroller isn’t easy, especially when you are just getting into shape!

Bob Stroller Running

Give Yourself a Break

You just had a baby, and are getting yourself back in shape – don’t be hard on yourself! Just getting out on a run is a huge win, and pushing your little one right in front of you is icing on the cake. You will slowly get your fitness back – it just takes time. Your stroller miles are always going to feel more difficult with the stroller than without. Look at the brightside – the more you run with a stroller, the stronger you will be when running without it. It worked for me!

Consistently Switch Hands.

When you are actually pushing the stroller, switch the hand you use to push the stroller often. Don’t use both hands at the same time – you will end up fighting your normal body movement more than you are helping yourself. You definitely gain strength in the side of the body that you are using to push the stroller, so make sure you even it out. You will find you don’t fatigue as quickly and can actually run for a bit longer.

Bob Stroller Running

Bring Water Along With You

The best part of the stroller is always having hydration, your music, phone, etc. at an arm’s reach. Bring water for you (and your little one when they are older) so you can stay hydrated when you are out. Being able to have something to drink is probably my favorite part of pushing the stroller – other than having Grant with me, of course!

Don’t Put Too Much In The Storage Compartment

While its amazing to be able to pack the stroller with necessities, don’t over do it. I always bring a toy or two for Grant, along with some water for his to drink too. Other than that, I keep everything at the house to not put unnecessary weight in the stroller. It’s really just not needed. The longest I’ve ever consecutively ran with Grant was 90 minutes, and he was perfectly happy the entire time. I think he enjoys being out riding in the stroller as much as I enjoy running with him!

Bob Running Stroller_2


Do you have any other tips for running with a stroller?

Grant: 18 Months

September 2, 2015

It’s been 6 whole months since I’ve done a Grant update, so I figured it was time to check-in :)

Grant is more fun than I could have ever imagined. He is incredibly happy and seems to always have a smile on his beautiful face.

grant lawn mower

At his checkup last week, he was 25 pounds. He is in size 18-24 month clothes, and has been for a while. I have a feeling he will be in the same size for a while, which I don’t mind. I feel like this is the first stage where he has actually gotten a lot of good use out of the clothes he has!

He is a great eater and loves most food we give him. His favorites tend to be avocado, bananas, mac n cheese, blueberries, raisins, green beans, & PB&J. It is quite the list, but I am so thankful he isn’t too picky.

Grant zoo

Grant is on one solid nap a day, usually between 3 to 3.5 hours right after lunch. He sleeps from 7pm to around 6:30, so the little guy definitely enjoys his sleep. He has such a great disposition when he sleeps well, so I am all for it! He is also in school two times a week for the whole day, so he is learning so much each and every day. It is wonderful to see him adapt so well to a new environment.

Grant cheezy smile

He still isn’t really talking much, but he follows directions like a champ. He is feeding the dog every morning and night, and thinks it is the most fun task in the world. Hopefully he continues to love to help out around the house!

Grant Marcus UCF

His favorite things are his lawn mower, the tupperware drawer, and his dump truck. He wakes up each morning and runs straight to one of those 3 things – it is pretty funny to watch.

We’ve had a lot of firsts since his 12 mont check-in. First day of school, first hair cut, and first road trip, to name a few! He did great with everything and just adapted as we went. He is such a great little guy!

Grant first haircut


I’m still in shock that I have an 18 month old. The next big milestone is the 2 year mark, which seems way to big for Grant! I am so blessed to have such an amazing son, and can’t wait for the next upcoming months to watch him grow and grow and grow!


How Hot Is Too Hot?

August 25, 2015

How was everyone’s weekend?! Anyone do anything fun or out of the ordinary? We really didn’t do anything crazy around here. Pretty much just normal house stuff, including Grant’s all time favorite past time these days – mowing the lawn.

Grant watching lawn mower

He will stand there for a solid hour and watch that mower. Then, once the weed whacker comes out, game over – more entertainment for the little guy! Oh to be an 18 month old!

Since Grant is down to taking 1 nap a day (thank goodness) he sleeps over our lunch time and then we get to go out and have fun after. On Sunday, we knew we wanted get out of the house, and we knew it needed to be indoors. It was nothing short of insanely hot out, so a/c was a necessity! We had a couple of options, including the mall, the children’s museum, and the aquarium. Since we have passes to see the fishies, the aquarium it was!

Florida Aquarium

Grant ran around like a mad man the entire time and had an absolute ball. He definitely noticed the fish more in the tanks, but I am pretty sure he was much more interested in all of the other kids around, per the usual. He is such a social little guy and just thrives off of others. It is pretty fun to watch as he continues to grow and comes even more out of his shell each and every day.

Florida Aquarium


I had considered running Sunday before we headed out for our outing, but when I looked at my phone and saw the temperature, I decided to bow out gracefully. I refuse to run in triple digits temps, no matter how much I’d like to get moving.

Florida Summer


Luckily, I did get my 5.5 miles in on Saturday morning, so no day-off guilt was over here! Just a fun little day with the family! Oh how things have changed these days!

How was your weekend? Do you have a cut off temperature as to when you will run outside – hot or cold?

Minimum Training for Common Race Distances

August 19, 2015

I mentioned on Monday how I signed up for a 10k race to get my butt in gear for some more consistent training. Then I got to thinking, how much fitness does one really need to run a race, depending on the distance? Here is a quick break down of what I would be comfortable signing up for, in order of race distance. I’m not saying this is the only fitness level for each race by any means – just what I would feel comfortable doing. In every case, being trained for a race is the optimal way to toe the start line – this is just in case you don’t have that option.

The 5k

A 5k road race, which is 3.1 miles, is relatively easy to complete if you have any sort of cardiovascular fitness. You can pretty easily walk 3 miles in under an hour, so by no means would I hesitate to sign up for this sort of race. If I was hoping to run fast splits or really whittle down my time, I would want a solid 8 weeks of speed work under my belt to achieve this. I’m talking 400’s & 800’s with active rest (aka, no true stopping). With that said, continuing with long runs and solid week day runs is key here too. When I ran cross-country in college, the courses were 5k in length, but we were still running 12 mile long runs on the weekend to build strength and fitness.

Santa 5k

The 10k

This distance is a bit more involved than a 5k – obviously twice the distance – so I wouldn’t be nearly as eager to want to walk 6 miles. For me to run a 10k in 4 weeks, I wanted to be sure I was comfy running 4.5 – 5 miles with ease. I was able to do that over the weekend, so I am not too concerned. I have been running 3-4 times a week for 3 or so miles at a time, so I have a pretty decent base for 6 miles. By no means am I saying a fast base – at all – but my cardio fitness is a-ok to finish. If I were racing the 10k, I would have wanted to have had long runs on the weekends, similar to that of a 5k training plan long run. For the workouts, think mile repeats and a bit more distance in each workout.

Turkey Trot 2012

The 1/2 marathon

I wouldn’t want to come to anything like a half marathon (or longer) under prepared. Slogging through 13.1 miles seems really awful. I find it necessary to train for a solid 12 weeks for a half marathon and would say the minimal long run I would be comfortable with before running a 1/2 is about 8 miles. Much less than that, I wouldn’t be a fan. I do feel that a much more comfortable long run before a half marathon is 11-12 miles – longer if you are looking to really put some speed in there. My best half marathon times have always resulted from solid marathon training – think 18-20 mile long runs.

Gasparilla 1/2 marathon

The marathon

I’ve shown up to one marathon unprepared, and I swore I would never, ever do it again. I ran 16 miles a solid 2 months before race day, and did not get in many more long runs after that. Running 26.2 miles under trained is absolutely awful. If you haven’t had adequate time to train for a marathon (12-16 weeks, with a good starting base), then drop down to the half, or just defer until next year. You will risk injury and being unhappy the entire time if you go ahead with the distance. It’s really just not worth it! If you really want to excel with this race, be able to run 8-10 miles easily at the start of your training. Then, follow  a training plan from there. Be consistent with your long runs and run solid during the week too. Get adequate rest and sleep during the training cycle, and you really should be set.

Chicago Marathon 11

What are you comfortable with, fitness wise, when it comes to signing up for a last minute race?

Needing A Race For Motivation

August 17, 2015

I’ve never really needed a race on the horizon to motivate me to keep my mileage up – until now that is. For whatever reason, I am absolutely struggling to get in any sort of distance runs this summer. I’ve nailed a few 5 milers here and there, but really haven’t had much luck getting in more than 3-4 miles on most of my runs. I’m not signing up for anything too long this fall, as we are trying to expand our family so I am doing my best to keep my weight up and my activity down a bit – hence why I’m running a heck of a lot less. Keep your fingers crossed for us 😉

I went ahead and signed up for a 10k race up in Cleveland next month. We are visiting my sister for the weekend up there, and I started searching to see if there are any races. Florida is so dang hot, even in September, so I figured why not get in a race in Ohio, where the temps are actually pretty cool that time of year. I stumbled upon the Dirty Rocks 10k, which runs on a bridle path in a park in Cleveland. Ive

With a 10k in the race calendar, I figured I better get in a few 5-6 mile runs between now and then, so I kicked off my Saturday with a nice 5 miler. The weather was oddly nice (it was 74 when I started instead of 78. Those 4 degrees made a world of difference! Grant and I hoofed it around town to make up the 5 miles, and I feel much more comfortable with running a 6 mile race in a few short weeks.

Bayshore Run

I can’t say I was doubting my abilities, but I also would rather not struggle through any distance of running, even if it is 6 miles right now. Since Emily and I are running the race together when we head to Cleveland, she is upping her mileage a little bit too. We simultaneously sent each other a text on Saturday post run, and they were quite similar!

5 mile run completion times

I guess twins really do think alike! We are keeping each other accountable these days, which I love!

Anyone else have an accountability partner? Do you need a race to train for to really be consistent with mileage?