Needing A Race For Motivation

August 17, 2015

I’ve never really needed a race on the horizon to motivate me to keep my mileage up – until now that is. For whatever reason, I am absolutely struggling to get in any sort of distance runs this summer. I’ve nailed a few 5 milers here and there, but really haven’t had much luck getting in more than 3-4 miles on most of my runs. I’m not signing up for anything too long this fall, as we are trying to expand our family so I am doing my best to keep my weight up and my activity down a bit – hence why I’m running a heck of a lot less. Keep your fingers crossed for us 😉

I went ahead and signed up for a 10k race up in Cleveland next month. We are visiting my sister for the weekend up there, and I started searching to see if there are any races. Florida is so dang hot, even in September, so I figured why not get in a race in Ohio, where the temps are actually pretty cool that time of year. I stumbled upon the Dirty Rocks 10k, which runs on a bridle path in a park in Cleveland. Ive

With a 10k in the race calendar, I figured I better get in a few 5-6 mile runs between now and then, so I kicked off my Saturday with a nice 5 miler. The weather was oddly nice (it was 74 when I started instead of 78. Those 4 degrees made a world of difference! Grant and I hoofed it around town to make up the 5 miles, and I feel much more comfortable with running a 6 mile race in a few short weeks.

Bayshore Run

I can’t say I was doubting my abilities, but I also would rather not struggle through any distance of running, even if it is 6 miles right now. Since Emily and I are running the race together when we head to Cleveland, she is upping her mileage a little bit too. We simultaneously sent each other a text on Saturday post run, and they were quite similar!

5 mile run completion times

I guess twins really do think alike! We are keeping each other accountable these days, which I love!

Anyone else have an accountability partner? Do you need a race to train for to really be consistent with mileage?

North Carolina Trip – Lake Glenville

August 2, 2015

Ever since we left vacation a couple of weeks ago, life has been a little crazy. Work has been quite taxing, and then I’ve dealt with a couple of illnesses on top of that. With a whole house of sick people, blogging has had to take quite the back seat lately. Trying to get in exercise while I was sick just wasn’t a heck of a lot of fun – nor was it much fun to write about. But I am back in action and really need to get back to my little corner of the internet!

I feel like I have a ton to chat about, but still want to give the rest of our trip justice. I have a couple of photos I am waiting on from our friends we stayed with in North Carolina, but figured I would go ahead and share a few more with you all until I am able to get my hands on them.

The last day we were in Highlands, we took a little trip to Lake Glenville, which is about 20 minutes away from where we were staying (more like 45 minutes if you get lost, but that’s neither here nor there). We had a great time. We found a public swimming area – which I would try to stay away from, FYI. Even though the spot wasn’t ideal, the lake itself was gorgeous! Living in Florida, we have no shortage of water, but fresh water (without alligators!) is quite hard to come by. Here are a few fun photos from our day at the lake!

highlands NC 2015_16


highlands NC 2015_17

highlands NC 2015_12


highlands NC 2015_17


highlands NC 2015_14

highlands NC 2015_13



Highlands North Carolina Photo Dump

July 15, 2015

We are up in North Carolina for the week, so I thought I’d stop in for a quick photo dump of the trip so far. We’ve done some hiking, a lot of relaxing, and are spending some amazing time with friends and family. I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Highlands NC Summer 2015_7


Highlands NC Summer 2015_1

Highlands NC Summer 2015_6

Highlands NC Summer 2015_5

Highlands NC Summer 2015_4

Highlands NC Summer 2015

Highlands NC Summer 2015_8

Highlands NC Summer 2015_9


Highlands NC Summer 2015_2

Highlands NC Summer 2015_6

Highlands NC Summer 2015_10

Must Have Items for Your Newborn

July 10, 2015

This post is brought to you by the Publix Baby Club. All opinions are my own.

Getting pregnant is a whirlwind of emotions. You try for so long, and then one day, you finally get that extra line on your pregnancy test. I’ll never forget the day it happened to me, and I definitely hope to feel those emotions again some day. After realizing your life is about to change, like whoa, the thought of having a family starts to sink in. You are able to share your news with others and then the big questions get asked – When are you due? Are you finding out the gender? And the big one – Have you registered yet? Register? What the heck should I register for? How do I choose which brands are the best for me?

Publix Baby Club_2

Knowing what you actually need to get for a little one is a huge endeavor. There are so many cool things out there, and due to amazing marketing, you feel like you have to get it – all of it. Well, that is quite far from the truth. Everyone needs the one friend to tell them what they really need to make it through the first few weeks (months, & years) so here ya go. Here are a few tips and must haves for the new mom.

Buy Changing Pad Liners

If there is one thing babies do, and a whole lot of it, is poop. And its not anything close to solid. Instead of getting mountains of changing pad covers, buy a bunch of liners instead. You can easily take them off, spray them down, and throw them in the wash. They are going to get stained and its no big deal.

Become a Member of the Publix Baby Club

I shop at Publix as my go to grocery store, so becoming a member of the Publix Baby Club was a no brainer when I had Grant. For first time parents, they send you a book, Caring for Your Baby and Young Child at no charge, along with great coupons when you become a member.

The program is for newborns to toddlers up to the age of 2, so they are with you those big first couple of years. The coupons are for both Publix brand items, as well as some national brands as well. Getting all your groceries and diapers in one spot? Yes please!

Especially when they are on sale that week too! Publix also offers some great tips and tricks in their newsletter that is sent out to members as well. Even if I get just one useful tip every once in a while, it is well worth it!

Publix Baby Club_4

Get a Few Packs of Diaper Genie Refills

Registering for a Diaper Genie is a no-brainer – you have to have one. But the refills?? I didn’t think I would need that many right away. Honestly, any trips you don’t have to make out of the house in the first 6-8 weeks is a blessing, especially for something as silly as refills for the poop box. Register for a few boxes of the refills. You will not regret it – not even a little bit. You can actually get these at Publix too!

Buy Extra Paci’s

I am pretty sure pacifiers are in the same category as hair ties and bobby pins. You have a million of them, and then misplace them all the time, not being able to find them when you actually need them. Currently, we rotate through about 7 of them, pretty much only finding them all on the weekend when we really search for them. We used these when Grant was a newborn and still use them regularly for naptime & bedtime. Mam is Grant’s all time favorite brand. He wouldn’t use anything else when he was an infant so we just went ahead and stuck with them.

Publix Baby Club_1

I’m sure there are plenty of items and tips I am missing, but these are the biggest that come to mind that aren’t the dead obvious ones, like diapers, wipes, and extra onesies.

Just in case you want to check out Publix’s new baby video, check this out. It is really way too cute!


Are you a member of the Publix Baby Club? If you don’t have kids yet, do you plan to become a member in the future?


The I Don’t Want to Run – Run

July 8, 2015

Sometimes, yyou just don’t want to run. It seems like a chore and doesn’t interest you in the least bit. When you are feeling that way, just get out and change up your run a bit. Nix the 3 easy miles you planned on and spice it up! Try this I Don’t Want to Run – Run next time you are feeling a bit on the unmotivated side.

I Don't Want to Run Workout