Flying with a 5 Month Old Baby

August 1, 2014

On our very first plane flight with Grant, I was super nervous. I asked around to plenty of other moms for tips, tricks, and advice – the biggest one was that it was no big deal. Infants are super easy on plane flights – just feed them on take off and landing so their ears don’t pop, and you are fine.

Since Grant was just shy of the 4 month mark for that first flight, it really was no big deal. He pretty much just ate, slept, and hung out. He was one happy little guy. Even happier after a monster blowout 😉

Grant airplane ride

Now that Grant is 5 months old, he has really started with a lot of activity. He is constantly looking around, grabbing for things, and always wants to be a part of the action. This also means he is no where near as interested in falling asleep if there isn’t a lot going on. He wants us to entertain him.

Don’t board the plane right away

Yep, you read that right. Even though most airlines give families priority boarding, don’t use it! You end up sitting on the plane for way too long before even taking off. If you wait until closer to the end, your baby can play some more before being confined to your lap for the next couple of hours. This leads me to my next point…

Bring an extra blanket

This blanket can be laid out on the ground while you are waiting to board, and then thrown in your bag and not used again until it is washed. Grant loves to play on his back and spend time on his tummy – both things you can not do once you get on a plane. We kept him playing on the ground until the 3rd boarding group was ready to get on. We only spent a few minutes actually waiting on the plane before take off and nursing time. Big win!

Grant 5 months airport

Sit next to a grandma

I know this sounds funny, but it is so true. We lucked out both times going to and from Detroit. When Grant decided to have the biggest blow out EVER, our seat mate had no problem getting up and letting us change him right then and there (we did this because there were no changing tables on the plane we were on). Grandmas have been through this, time and time again. The squirming and sounds of a baby don’t bother them. They are pretty much immune to it

Wear your baby through the airport

Wearing your baby is the way to go. You can walk right through security without having to mess with your baby at all. If you end up keeping them in the car seat, you will end up having to take them out before you can go through the metal detector. If your baby falls asleep before that time, you are risking waking them up – big no no!

Airport baby wearing

Bring more than one extra outfit

At the last-minute, I grabbed an extra outfit from our suitcase, on top of the one I had already packed. When we walked off the plane in Tampa, Grant was in his 3rd outfit of the day. Yes, he wore both outfits we had packed for him. I was so happy I grabbed that last change of clothes – he really needed it!

Fly Southwest

Of course, this is just a preference (and something we didn’t do this trip). They let families board between the “A” and the “B” group, so you don’t have to get on first, but you also are able to get on with plenty of space to grab ahead of the other passengers. All of their planes are the same, so you know there are going to be changing tables in every bathroom. The biggest and best part – there are no fees for checked bags! When we went to Detroit, we ended up going with Delta because they had a cheaper direct flight. In the end, once we paid to check our bags on the way up and the way back, it was definitely more than it would have been on Southwest. We were always people who carried everything on in the past. I am pretty sure those days are behind us, at least for a few years. Who would have thought a baby needs so much stuff!?

Fly Direct

This, of course, isn’t always possible, but give it your best shot. Not having to deplane and go through another round of take offs, landings, and layovers is definitely preferred when you have a baby in tow. Direct flights are sometimes pricier, but for me, it is worth the premium (to an extent).

Grant 5 months

Wear Dark Clothes

So I mentioned above that I brought extra outfits for Grant. Well, I should have listened to this for myself. I brought an extra shirt with me, but didn’t bring extra pants. Needless to say, when Mt. Vesuvius erupted, my jeans took a beating. Luckily, they were such a dark wash that nothing could even be seen on them. I will definitely continue to wear dark colors when we fly, and maybe even bring extra pants for myself as well.

Don’t Worry

When your baby starts screaming on the plane and you feel like everyone is looking at you – don’t worry about it. The same situation has happened to just about every parent who has ever flown at some point. It isn’t ideal, but there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. Keep calm so hopefully your baby will too!

What other tips do you have for someone flying with a more active infant?

Grant: 5 Months

July 30, 2014

Well Grant, I think we might have to refer to your 5th month as the month of giggles and smiles. I don’t think still photos are going to happen anymore, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Grant 5 months

Grant 5 months

It doesn’t take much to get you with a big gummy grin on that adorable little face. The easiest way to do it is when you play with your daddy. There is nothing you love more than seeing him come around the corner.

Marcus and Grant 5 months

You are really starting to morph into a little boy instead of just a baby. Whatever you can get your hands on, you are grabbing a hold of. Your head is definitely on a swivel these days, taking in anything and everything around you.

Grant 5 months

Your biggest discovery this month has been your feet! Every morning when I walk into your room, you are perfectly content in your crib, having a ball with your feetsies. They were such a mystery for months, and now you know just what to do with them.

grant 5 months

You conquered another plane trip this month and showed your dad and I that traveling with a 5 month old is way more work than traveling with a 4 month old. You didn’t want to miss a thing, baby boy. We also found out why packing multiple emergency outfits is the smart thing to do. Who thought you could have been in your 3rd outfit by lunch time!?

That plane trip took you to Michigan for your very first wedding, and you were a hit. Your godparents, Auntie Em and Uncle Gabe, were both there so you were able to be with them together for the first time.

Gabe and Emily

Holt Wedding Group Photo

Holt Wedding Michigan

This past month, you also went back to the cardiologist to check on your heart murmur. It is still there, but it is nothing to worry about. The doctor assured us you are healthy as can be – that of course, was in between all of your babbling with the nurses. They sure had fun with you that day.

Grant cardiologist

Grant, you are growing like  a weed! You are comfortably in 6 month clothes, but you can still fit into the 3 month onesies – they are a little tight though. We just switched over to size 3 diapers, and you are having a lot less blowouts than those pesky size two’s. Who would have thought!?

grant 5 months

You are still eating like a champ, increasing your intake to closer to 7 ounces per feeding. I am having a hard time keeping up with you, so I am making an extra effort to drink lots of water and eat enough calories. We have to keep those adorable little rolls a coming! You have no problem breast feeding or eating from the bottle – milk is milk to you buddy!

Sleeping through the night wasn’t your favorite for a few weeks Grant, so we went ahead and started a little bit of sleep training. You weren’t a fan for the first couple of days, but now you have it down pat. You self soothe when you wake up and are sleeping 8-10 hours straight without a peep. Daddy and I are very thankful.

Grant 5 months

We went swimming for the first time this month too, Grant, and you had a blast! It’s a good thing we live in Florida, because I have a feeling you are going to be a little water baby!

Grant pool

There are so many more things to come and I can’t wait to experience each and every one by your side, holding that sweet little hand. I love you Grant Marcus!

Hump Day Heat Up Workout

July 23, 2014


Looking for a quick workout to get done without equipment?  I have a great one for you today! Complete this full body workout 5 times through, stopping for one minute after each set. It is sure to get your heart racing and over that mid-week hump!

Hump day heat up workout


Have an awesome Wednesday!





Accountability is Key

July 16, 2014

On and off for the past couple of months, my friend Meg and I have been meeting up for a Tuesday night run. We have slowly morphed these into tempo Tuesdays, as we are both trying to get into shape by increasing our turnover little by little. We are capable of running the same pace, so it’s really a perfect fit.

Yesterday, we weren’t able to meet up due to other conflicts, so we both said an early morning run would work – we would just be doing it solo. My alarm went off way to early (as usual) and I was out the door by 5:10am to start my run. Before I laced up my shoes, I swore off the tempo. I had just run 5 miles 10 hours prior, and my legs were tired. I quickly talked myself into the workout, knowing it was only 20 minutes. The beginning of a training plan is usually the most important, as every other workout builds on these first few weeks of effort. Even though it was only 20 minutes, it was imperative I got it done. I hammered out the few miles at tempo pace and came home feeling pretty accomplished. I knew as I was finishing up, Meg was probably starting out on her run, so I sent her a simple text.


Even though we didn’t run actually run together, the accountability was there so it felt like we did! We want to be able to train together for the duration of the season (and beyond), so checking in like this was great for both of us. I’ve always preferred to run with a group over running solo, but I find it difficult to find someone who runs a similar pace. Even though we couldn’t physically be running step for step, this little check-in really made me realize how important a support system is when training – not only from your family (which I have endless amounts of support from) but also from the people in your life each and every day.

Do you have an accountability partner you can check in with on a regular basis?

The Long Run – Just What I Needed

July 14, 2014

For the past month of so, I’ve been toying with the idea of signing up for a fall marathon. The biggest deciding factor in this is whether or not I feel I will be able to make time for my long runs. I went ahead and wrote up a plan for the Chosen Marathon, being held here in Tampa on November 15th. This is the first time the race will be held here and just so happens to be on my every day running route. The logistics really align for the race, since the start is about a mile and a half from my house. Now, it is just working towards making it to that start.

I haven’t thought much of long runs in the past – I simply went out for my run, and hammered out the miles. This time, it’s a bit different. What if I am awake a few times during the night before my long runs with Grant? Will I be able to keep my diet in check so my milk supply doesn’t dwindle? How will I feel the rest of the day after a 20 miler to be 100% for Grant? These are all questions I am considering as I choose whether or not to sign up for the marathon. Luckily, there is also a half marathon on the same day, so if I do decide to not do the full 26.2, I’ll still have a way to get a fitness check and at least get out on the course.

Saturday morning, I set out for my long run of 9 miles at 6am, curious how this training schedule would really go. About 3 miles into it, I looked down at my watch and noticed I was actually holding a respectable pace (these days, that’s anything under a 9 minute mile for me). To my surprise, I saw a similar pace for miles 4 and 5 as well.

9 mile long run splits

Could it be? I was actually running a somewhat normal pace again, on a distance I hadn’t seen in over a year?! (the last time I ran anything over 7 miles was my marathon back in April 2013). Yep, I sure was! As soon as I really noticed the pace and the distance, I was having to put a bit more effort into keeping that same pace. I decided at one point that 8 miles sounded just the same as 9 miles, and I should just cut it short. That would be way easier, right? Well yes, it would be, but if I really want to put in the time to train for a marathon for the next few months, I needed to start now, on the right foot. I put the 9 mile distance back in my head, and got those last few miles completed.

9 mile long run timing

I finished the run feeling very accomplished with what I had just done. I ran 9 miles, at a respectable pace, and I didn’t quite when my mind was telling me otherwise. It’s not everything I need to go all in for a November marathon, but its a start. I’ll consider that a great first step, and see where the next few weeks take me – closer to 13.1 or headed straight for 26.2.

What factors do you consider when signing up for a big race?