Baby Baum: Weeks 24 & 25

November 13, 2013

The 6 month mark is here!

Baby Baum Week 24

I have to confess, I completely forgot to take a picture for week 24, so I am just going with the one from Halloween that is pretty darn close to the 24 week mark. Plus, my super talented husband free-handed the shirt I’m wearing, so I figured I should go ahead and show it off. Etsy has nothing on him! šŸ˜‰

As for week 25, I did a bit better. Now you can actually see that belly a poppin’!

Baby Baum Week 25

First off, here is what is going on with Baby Baum:

  • He or she is now the size of a cauliflower, measuringĀ 13.6 inches to 14.8 inches and weighs about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. Per our last doctor’s appointment, Baby Baum is 1 lb, 11oz. That was as of last Wednesday, so I am sure there is even more weight gained as of today
  • He or she enjoying their new sense of equilibrium — he or she now knows which way is up and which is down
  • The baby is growing more fat and more hair too!

And of course, here are my bi-weekly details:

Weight Gained: As of last week, I was up to a total of 14 lbs, which means I gained 5 lbs from months 5-6. I am not surprised at all – have you seen that belly!?

Workouts: I didn’t get in nearly as much cross-training the past couple of weeks. I still was able to get in runs and strength workouts, but anything else fell to the wayside.

Labor Signs: In the past 1-2 weeks, I’ve started to experience Braxton Hicks contractions. Let me tell you, it is a very strange feeling for sure! From everything I’ve read, these are super normal starting now.

Symptoms: My low back has been definitely starting to feel my belly pulling on it. We went to 2 weddings and a football game last weekend, so I would imagine that probably didn’t help matters much. It was really bugging me Monday, but was much better yesterday. I think I may have just needed a little rest.

UCF football game 25 weeks pregnant

Movement:Ā The baby has been moving like crazy, except for when I want someone to be able to feel it. My sister was here over the weekend, and I kept hoping she would be able to feel a few kicks – nada. Of course, about 10 minutes after I dropped her at the airport, someone decided to do somersaults inside!

Food Aversions/Cravings: I’ve been eating a bit more sweets lately, which I have backed off of in the past couple of days. I can only imagine that had something to do with the 5lb weight gain last month. I don’t care about the weight, but I do care about the nutrients being put in my body. I want to make sure the baby is getting (mostly) good things to help him or her grow.

Sleep: I have been good to go in this department. I have been falling asleep really hard at night, and sleeping all the way through. I am hoping this trend continues, at least for a little bit longer.

Stretch Marks: Nope!

Miss Anything?: Sleeping on my stomach. What I wouldn’t give for a little tummy time!

Fun things from the week: Marcus and I decided on names! We have both a girl and a boy name picked out that we love, so I am thrilled for that! Oh, you guessed it – we aren’t sharing them until he or she is born. We also were able to get another picture of him or her. Seeing that wiggly baby never gets old! I am required to get monthly ultrasounds as a precaution to chart the growth. Good news – he or she is measuring a week ahead, so I’d say the growth is just fine :)

Belly button in or out? It is officially poking through! I wasn’t expecting that to happen for a bit, but whoa it happened early!

Baby Baum Week 25

Wedding rings on or off? On – I am really hoping they stay that way the whole time. I really don’t want to take them off!

Happy or Moody? I am all around very happy. I can’t say I get very moody in general, and this pregnancy has been no different. I get a little bit irritable when I’m tired at night, but I think that just has to do with being worn out. As for being snappy or mean – none of that :)

Looking forward to:Ā Maternity photos! I was torn over whether or not I wanted to get them, but I decided to go for it. A childhood friend of mine is an amazing photographer and is going to be in town over Thanksgiving. I am having her take some photos. She has an amazing artistic style, and I am thrilled to see how they turn out!

When did Braxton Hicks start for any other momma’s out there?


Friday Five Body Weight Workout

November 8, 2013

Happy happy Friday! Woo hoo! I hope everyone has something fun (or super relaxing) planned. We are completely booked up – 2 weddings and a quick Orlando trip for the UCF homecoming game.

Here is a quick workout to get in sometime this weekend. It doesn’t require any equipment, so take a few minutes wherever you are to get in a sweat!

Friday Five Workout


Good luck to everyone racing this weekend, especially Meghan, Steph, and Jess, going after their first half ironmans! Anyone have any fun plans this weekend?

Spectating IRONMAN Florida

November 4, 2013

I had the privilege this past weekend to attend an amazing event – IRONMAN Florida! Not only was it an amazing experience to see so many amazing athletes complete a distance many think to be impossible, but I was able to see 3 friends check a huge item off their goal list all in the same day. Meghann and two of her siblings, Ben and Kelly, volunteered and signed up for the IRONMAN last year, and all ran across the finish line Saturday night to complete their year long journey of training and dedication.

Anderson Siblings


Marcus and I arrived in Panama City around 9:30 am the morning of the race, so we didn’t catch the swim or transition to the bike. We did catch everyone going from the bike to the run though, and it was quite the sight to see! The professional triathletes are unreal to see in action – everything is so precise and calculated.


Marcus and I hung with Meghann’s family for the day on the run course, which was right in the first and 13th mile of the run course. It was an out and back course of two loops, so each athlete passed our spot 4 times. We had an awesome setup with tons of supporters for #IronSiblings.



All three siblings had great swim and bike times, and before we knew it, they were out for the run! Ben came up first, followed by Meghann and then Kelly.



Without going on and on about too much of the cheering and spectating, I figured it would be more fun to leave you with some photos from the day. All I can say about the #IRONSIBLINGS completing the race is INSPIRATIONAL! It was so so so much fun to see a best friend complete a monumental goal – one she has been working on for so much longer than just the 24 weeks her training program alloted. Meghann cross the finish line in 13:05, which is unbelievable! She kicked major ass, which is perfectly summed up with this spectator’s sign:


So without further adieu, here is our day at IRONMAN Florida watching the #IRONSIBLINGS. Thanks for Steph for the use of a few of her photos!








Ironman FL

Ironman FL

Ironman FL

And last but not least, Meghann’s (very shaky, but hey, I got it) finishing video

Congrats #IRONSIBLINGS!!! Ya’ll are all so amazing!

Would You Rather – Running Style!

November 1, 2013

Today’s post is a fun and light hearted one as I get ready to head to Panama City to watch Meghann, Kelly, and Ben complete their very first Ironman! I can not wait to be inspired by these athletes and see one of my best friends complete a goal she has been working towards for so long.Ā Let’s play a little game – Would You Rather – Running Style!


Would you rather…

Run without a sports bra


Run without socks

Would you rather…

Run a marathon without a Garmin


Run a marathon without your headphones

Garmin 11 mile run

Would you rather…

Run a flat race in the heat


Run a hilly race in the cold

Would you rather…

Chafe between your legs


Chafe under your armpit

Would you rather…

Have to take a potty break in the middle of a PR race


Just let it flow on course

RNR 3 port o potty

Would you rather…

Show up to a race two hours early and freeze in the cold


Show up to a race a few minutes late and miss the starting gunĀ 

Would you rather…

Run in a pair of shoes completely wrong for your foot, but that are cute


Run in a pair of shoes perfect for your foot but are utterly hideous

Would you rather…

Enter a race with the cutest race tshirt


Enter a race with a badass medal

Gasparilla 2013

Would you rather…

Trip and fall in a race


Cramp up and have to run through it

Would you rather…

Have sweat constantly get in your eyes


Have sunscreen constantly get in your eyes

Would you rather…

Have a Gu packet explode in your pocket during a race


Mistake a stick of Vaseline for Gu during a race

Answer a few in the comments – I would love to see what you would rather!

Baby Baum: Weeks 22 & 23

October 30, 2013

Two more weeks have come and gone. I am definitely starting to feel a bit like a broken record around here – weeks are really starting to fly by. Its hard to believe I’ll be at the 6 month mark on Sunday! I completely forgot to get in the week 22 picture, but here I am Sunday, marking the start of week 23. Whoa Baby!

23 Weeks

Baby Baum has a lot going on the past couple of weeks:

  • He or she is now the size of a grapefruit, measuring 10.5 to 11.8 inches and 12.7 to 20.8 ounce
  • He or she is forming little nipples
  • It’s face is fully formed now — he or she just needs a little extra fat to fill it out.
  • Baby B is listening to my voice and my heartbeat — and even to loud sounds like cars honking and dogs barking.

As for me….

Weight gained: I’m guessing I’m around 10-12 lbs. I was 10 at the last appointment, and I am sure I have put on a bit more since then. Just look at that belly from week 15 to now, week 23

Week 15week 23 comparison


Workouts:Ā I have been feeling pretty great in the running department. I’ve been getting in my 3-4 days a week or running, along with 2 strength training days. I even was able to get in 5 miles this past weekend, which was awesome. I’ve been waiting to sign up for the local Turkey Trot until I knew I would be comfortable with the 10k distance. After completing the 5 miles, I know I’m ready to go!

Bump 23 weeks

Symptoms: At the end of the day, my low back is pretty sore and tight. I can tell I have something definitely pulling on my back at this point, that’s for sure. The more I stay off my feet during the day, the better I feel at night. Usually by the time Marcus and I take Winnie for her 1-1.5 mile walk at night, I’m toast! I have been feeling a bit more thirsty in the past 10 days or so too. I am always keeping my water handy. Otherwise, I am really feeling pretty normal.

Movement: I can finally say yes to this! I was feeling light flutter for about a week, and now, it is pretty distinct kicks and movements. Marcus was even able to feel the baby last weekend too, which was no doubt the best part! It only happens a couple of times a day, but he or she is definitely quite active in there.

Food Aversions or Cravings: Nothing really for either one. I did have way more sweets last weekend than usual, but I got back on track this week and am feeling a bit more normal. Whenever anyone asks, I always mention the pregnancy is a bit boring from that perspective – but I am a-ok with that!

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping like a rock. Sometimes I have to get up to use the bathroom at night, but not all the time. Lately, it is never more than once, which is great!

Stretch Marks? Nope!

Fun Things from the Week:Ā  I found out the H&M sells maternity clothes! I picked up a couple of shirts that are so much cuter than some of the things I’ve recently found. Their pants definitely don’t fit (whoever thought skinny jeans and pregnancy go together is very confused), but I’ll take what I can get! Oh, and of course feeling Baby Baum move – hands down the most fun part.

H&M Mama Maternity line

Belly Button in or out?Ā It is definitely poking out – not completely, but it is well on its way!

Wedding rings on or off? On :)

New baby items?Ā We picked up the crib over the weekend, but still need to put it together. We got a dresser/changing table off of Craigslist and my mom Ā found a glider at Salvation Army that is perfect! We are going to recover the cushions with fabric to make it our own. I also went with my mom last week and got the fabric for the baby’s quilt and bedding. She is making the quilt for us, so Baby Baum will have something one of a kind. I can not wait to see the finished product!

Looking forward to: The next month! With the start of the holidays upon us, we will start to see a lot more family, which makes me sooo excited! I also have a goal to get the nursery done before Thanksgiving, which gives us just a few more weeks. Pressure is on šŸ˜‰

Anyone else like to find used baby furniture and then spruce it up a bit to customize it?