Baby Baum: 36 weeks

January 29, 2014

9 months and counting! My oh my, this baby is getting big!

36 Weeks baby baum

The baby’s details:

  • According to our ultrasound from this morning, Baby Baum is measuring in the 50th percentile (great!) at 6 lbs 11 0z. This, of course, is just a guess really and could be off by up to a pound in either direction.
  • He or she is getting closer and closer to being able to breathe on their own.
  • His or her skin is getting smooth and soft and gums are rigid.
  • His or her liver and kidneys are in working order.
  • Circulation and immune systems are basically good to go, too.

My details:

Weight gained: Up a solid 25 lbs. They don’t expect me to gain too much more, since as this point its pretty much all baby. I should be expecting another couple of pounds, but that’s it.

Workouts: Still did well in the workout department. Last week included 3 runs and 1 strength session. I didn’t make it to yoga though – I’ll be back this week! I did notice my pelvis was quite sore after yesterday’s run. I think the baby has dropped a bit and is putting added pressure down there. If it happens again, I’ll be sticking to walking from here on out. No need to be hurting just for a silly 2.5 mile run.

Labor Symptoms:

  • Low back pain at night
  • Have to pee A LOT! It is getting to the point where it is interrupting my sleep – so not cool.
  • Feeling full pretty fast.
  • Minor contractions. The doctor said I was having one this morning as she was measuring my belly, but I didn’t feel it. At this point, she said that is super normal.
  • I am 1cm dilated, 50% effaced, and measure at -3, which the doctor said is all on point. So far so good.

Movement: The baby is still in my ribs a bit, but not nearly as bad as before. I feel like jabs and rolls all the time though. This baby makes his or her presence known.

Food Aversions/Cravings: I have been somewhat been turned off by some food lately. I have been craving carbs again, but not nearly as bad as the first trimester. I’ll be grossed out by veggies at lunch, but then fine with them at dinner. It is pretty give or take

Sleep: Sleep hasn’t been quite as great as it was. Since the baby has lowered a bit, there is a lot of pressure on my bladder, so I am having to pee a lot more. Its been taking me a little longer to fall asleep at night as well, which is less than ideal. I’m still getting 8-9 hours, just not quite as soundly as I once was.

Stretch marks: Nada

Fun Things from the week: We had our very last ultrasound today. We’ve been getting one every month to monitor the baby’s growth since the umbilical cord is in a strange spot in the placenta. Next time we see the baby, it is going to be on its birthday. That is hard to believe!

36 weeks baby baum

Belly Button In or Out? Out!

Wedding Rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy!

Miss anything? I am getting to the point where I really want to run – fast. I had a dream this past week where I was doing a workout with my friends, and I actually woke up jealous that I wasn’t able to actually do it – silly, I know. I’ll be taking plenty of time off post baby, but I know I’ll be excited to get back out there and get a good sweat on.

New Baby Items: Things here and there from the registry that we need, but didn’t receive at the shower. We have little boxes of things showing up most days of the week. All that’s left is for the breast pump to come in (thank you insurance!) and to choose a baby monitor. I would like one that we can use our cell phones to view, as well as a regular monitor too. Does anyone have one of those? Are they overkill, or nice to have when you are out of the house and want to check in?

Looking forward to: Meeting the baby on its birthday! I am getting anxious to find out the gender, without a doubt. Only a few more weeks at this point! :)

What baby monitor do you use? Any good suggestions?

A Shower for Baby Baum

January 27, 2014

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have an amazing baby shower thrown for me by sister Emily and my sister-in-law Morgan. They both live out of state and flew in for the occasion. What an occasion it was!

Baby Shower

They both worked for months, planning and executing some absolutely adorable details. Just by the way the invitation was designed, I knew it was going to be amazing.


Baby Shower Invite

Since we are not finding out the baby’s sex until its birthday, the colors were all gender neutral – yellow’s, teals, and tans. The theme of “Whoa Baby” was incorporated into everything, which was a lot of fun. I tend to say it a lot to Emily and Morgan, so it was great to have it transferred over into the party theme.

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

There was a lot of homemade, yummy food.

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Yep, even these yummy cupcakes!! My friend Mary is quite the baker :)

Baby Shower

Plenty of smiling faces and friends to go around

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

And of course, lots of presents for Baby Baum!

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

I mentioned having a diaper cake at the shower months ago, and my sister Emily remembered. The Winnie the Pooh theme was too adorable for it – I love how it turned out!

Baby Shower

My mom gave me a really amazing gift at the shower – a quilt she made for the baby. We picked out the fabric together and then had been working on it together (and by together I mean she does all the work and I gave her my opinion) on and off for the past 6 weeks or so. It is absolutely perfect – the baby is so lucky to have a one-of-a-kind quilt, just for he or she.

Baby Shower

One of my favorite parts of the day was everyone was asked to bring a book instead of a card. All of the guests brought their favorite one from their childhood, which was a lot of fun to see. There were only a handful of duplicates – shocking, I know! Now the baby has lots of books to read over and over again, many with amazing messages from the giver. Pretty amazing!

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

A huge thanks to these two ladies, Emily and Morgan, for hosting such a special day for me!

Baby Shower

As well as to my friend Sarah Beth, who captured all of these amazing photos. By the way, if you love the decor for the party as much as I did, Morgan  is happy to make your party plans come true! From the invites to the decor – she can do it all! Contact me and I am happy to set you up with her –>

Baby Shower

Thanks to everyone who made the day so special!

Strength Modifications During Pregnancy

January 24, 2014

It’s probably news to no one the importance of modifying exercises during pregnancy. Your body is growing and everything is different – balance, hip width, weight, etc. Doing exercises the way you have always done just doesn’t work when you get to a certain point – this point being different for just about everyone. Listen to your body (and your doctor!) so you know when to start modifying or changing up your workout all together.

The gym I work for and use to workout at has TRX straps. If you haven’t ever used them, I strongly suggest you do. If you don’t have access to them, you can still use other equipment to support yourself. TRX straps are all about body weight – supporting it when you need it, and giving you the free range when you don’t. Here are a few great modifications for every day strength training exercises.


Squats can get a bit trickier the bigger your belly gets. Your center of gravity is off and you weigh more, so there is more to lift up. Squats are extremely important for labor, and should be in every pregnant woman’s workout routine. Start off with your feet a little bit wider than hip width a part, and a slight lean back with the TRX straps supporting you.

Pregnancy TRX Squats

Squat down, keeping a conscious effort to focus on form. Keep your back straight, not curved, and make sure your knees are not coming over your toes. Pregnant TRX SquatPush straight back up, without curving your lower back, and return to the starting position.

Without the TRX strap: Don’t worry, you can still have a nice supported squat without the TRX. Stand next to bench press or squat rack and grab a hold of the bar with both hands. Use the bar to guide you down, and then back up again. You can distribute your weight with the barbell instead of the strap. You will get the same benefits, with just a different piece of equipment.


It wasn’t too long after my belly started to grow that I couldn’t get in normal pushups. When you are in the first 20 weeks or so, just drop to your knees if necessary. That should give you the support you need. Once your belly grows and starts to pull on your low back, consider a modification.

With the straps, the more parallel your body becomes with the floor, the more difficult the exercise gets, so if you feel the pushups are still too easy, get more horizontal. You will definitely feel the burn!

Start out with a slight lean and your arms straight, using your body weight to balance yourself.

Pregnant TRX Pushups

Slightly bend your elbows, leaning down into a pushup position. Focus on your low back and hips, making sure they do not start to sag. Also be aware of your shoulders, and keep them relaxed – no need to wear them like earrings!

Pregnant TRX PushupsPush yourself back up to the starting position, keeping yourself aware of your low back not gaining a huge curve. If the exercise is too difficult, stand up more perpendicular to the floor. Form is always the most important.

Without the TRX strap: Stand at a barbell, preferably on a bench press. Straddle the bench with both legs, grabbing the bar. Use the bar to assist your incline pushup. Make the pushup easier or more difficult  by bringing your feet closer or further away from the bar.


Lunges are also a great exercise to prep for labor, so doing them regularly will really benefit you. Grab your straps and put one on either side of you, with your legs comfortably spread so you do not lose your balance.

Pregnant TRX lunge

Lower yourself down using the straps to help you balance. Keep in mind the placement of your knee, so it doesn’t fall in front of your foot.

Pregnant TRX lunges

Push yourself back up to the starting position, using the straps as much or as little as your may need to not fall to either side.

Without the TRX: Lunges are one of the easier exercises to do through modification. Anything you find to hold on to works pretty well – a table, chair, or barbell works just fine. Just make sure it is nice and sturdy.

Other Tips:

  • Keep the tempo down a bit so your heart rate doesn’t shoot up too high. You are training for something a lot different now – the birth of your child!
  • Instead of focusing on the amount of weight you are lifting, be happy with making it to the gym and getting in the strength training. This isn’t the time to go 5-10 lbs heavier. Stay at a comfortable weight without compromising form.
  • Always warm up before you start lifting weights – the last thing you need to do is pull or strain a muscle. Nothing like making pregnancy a little more uncomfortable 😉
  • Listen to your body! If you need to cut your workout short, then do it. There is no shame to simply doing what your body is telling you to do.

Any other tips? What other modifications are you interested in seeing? I would be happy to do another post on other exercises.

Baby Baum: 35 Weeks

January 22, 2014

Happy Wednesday to you all! It’s that time again – let’s check in on Baby Baum :) Here I am on Sunday, right at the 35 week mark. I still feel like my belly resembles a torpedo a bit, but I think it might be starting to round out a bit. The baby is getting pretty cozy in there, and I am pretty sure there isn’t a whole lot of room left. I feel every. little. movement!

35 Weeks Baby Baum

Baby Details:

  • Baby Baum is now the size of a coconut, measuring over 18 inches long and weighing in at around 5 1/4 pounds.
  • The kidneys are fully developed now, and the liver can process some waste products.
  • Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he’ll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.

My details:

Weight gained: Last week I measured in around the 23 pound mark, so I am guessing I am a pound or so heavier than that right now. I only weigh myself at the appointments, so its really just a guess as this point.

Workouts: A few runs and a couple of strength sessions happened last week. I also got into prenatal yoga at my favorite studio for the second week in a row! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to make it a third!


  • Low back pain towards the end of the day.
  • Braxton Hicks is back!
  • Frequent bathroom. stops
  • Unable to take deep breaths as someone is crowding my diaphragm 😉
  • Feeling of fullness, even though I am really still hungry

Movement: The baby is still moving like a wild one! Most of all, since the baby is head down, I am constantly being kicked in the ribs. Yesterday for the first time, I actually gasped a little bit when he or she kicked me in the ribs – its was a killer!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Nothing at all. I have been so boring in this department for the whole pregnancy :)

Sleep: I am still getting in great sleep! I have been finding that when I wake up, I’ll be awake a tad longer than I was before, as I am just thinking about all kinds of random things – what the baby will look like, things to put on my birth plan, etc.

Stretch marks: Nada!

Fun Things from the week: I had my baby shower!!! It was so so so much fun! I’ll be getting the photos back from my friend who was nice enough to take photos (hopefully this weekend) and plan to do an all encompassing post first thing next week. It was truly fantastic! I grabbed a couple of quick photos on my phone, so I can share those. Otherwise, we just have to wait a few more days.

baby baum shower

Baby Baum shower diaper cake

Baby Shower XP Girls 2

Belly Button In or Out? Out and staying that way!

Wedding Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy, per the usual

New Baby Items: Pretty much everything! We pretty much had just the bare bones before the shower (no diapers, wipes, or anything!) and now we are set! I am so thankful for the generosity of all of our friends and family.

Looking forward to: Organizing everything we received and settling down for this next month. Its hard to believe the baby could show up just about any time in the next few weeks. How on Earth did that happen so fast!? We also met with a potential doula last night, and I plan to email her asap to have her committed for our birth. I am excited we found someone we really click with!

How did you organize everything from your baby shower, especially the items you aren’t really going to need for another few months?

Baby Baum: 34 Weeks

January 15, 2014

Up and onward with another bumpdate! This week marks 34 weeks, just 6 weeks out from the due date. I know I say it all the time, but wow, this pregnancy is zooming by! We are getting to the point where the baby could come any week – not that I want him or her to. Let’s stay in there and bake as long as possible, mmmkay?

34 Weeks baby baum

Baby Update:

  • The baby is now the size of a butternut squash, weighing close to 5lbs and measuring 17.2 to 18.7 inches.
  • Some say that baby will recognize songs mom sings while he or she in the womb, and may even be more easily soothed by them if he or she used to them once they are on the “outside”.
  • The baby is now urinating up to a pint a day <– whoa!

My details:

Weight gained: Per my 34 week doctor appointment this morning, I am 23 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight. No big deal there!

Workouts: Still getting in my walk/runs and lots of plain old walking as well. Some days running just isn’t comfy, so walking it is. I get in strength training when I can, just about 30 minutes of some pretty easy movements to get me labor ready! I also headed back to prenatal yoga last week, and plan to go up until my due date.


  • Little baby feet in my ribs all the time – hands down, my least favorite part of pregnancy.
  • Heading for pit stops all the time.
  • Achy low back at night.
  • Constantly feeling full, which means I am hungry pretty shortly after I eat.

Movement: Lots and lots – that whole feet in ribs is very applicable here!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Nothing. Just the normal food.

Sleep: Still sleeping really well. I woke up once in the past week and had a hard time falling back asleep, but nothing more than that.

Stretch marks: None!

Fun Things from the week: We got our stroller and car seat, so now we can actually take the baby home from the hospital :) We went with the Chicco stroller set, and I am super happy with it (not that I have anything to compare it to). My family in Kentucky all went in on it together, and I am so thankful they did! It is a much-needed item!

Chicco Stroller

Belly Button In or Out? Out and staying that way

Wedding Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy :)

New Baby Items: The stroller/car seat combo, as well as a couple of items to finish up the nursery. The rug came in today, and it looks cute. The color is a little bit different than I expected, but it’s still a great way to bring the room together.

Looking forward to: This weekend’s baby shower!! My sister and sister in law are coming in town, as well as multiple other friends. I am so excited to see everyone and celebrate Baby Baum! We also have a meeting with a possible doula for the labor this coming Tuesday, so I am very excited to get that process going. I definitely plan to write more on that later – whether I do it before or after the baby comes, I’m not quite sure yet.

Did anyone else use a doula for labor? Any questions you recommend I ask her when we meet?