Baby Baum: Week 15 & 16

September 9, 2013

By the time I finally got to posting a bump picture last week, it was Thursday, so I figured I would just put both week 15 & 16 together. Not much has changed between the two, so its pretty easy to do a double post.

Here is a picture from last week at 15 weeks..

15 weeks Then here is a picture from this week at 16 weeks…

16 weeks side

4 Big Months is already here! It is amazing how quickly months 3 to 4 have flown by. It took forever to get to the 12 week mark, since that is when we announced it. Luckily, since then, time is moving quite rapidly. I have my 16 appointment this week, and even though there isn’t an ultrasound, I still get to hear Baby Baum’s heartbeat, which never gets old!

I am at the point where I am definitely starting to notice the bump a bit more. It is sticking out a bit more now! Here are a few details on Baby Baum this week:

  • He or she is the size of an avocado
  • Tiny bones are forming in his or her ears and can now pick up your voice
  • Eyebrows, lashes, and hair are starting to fill in, and taste buds are forming

As for me:

Weight Gained: No clue. I honestly don’t really care at this point. I am feeling good, and getting in workouts and exercise. The last thing I want to do is get on a scale and worry about weight gain that really doesn’t matter at this point. I’ll find out a real number on Wednesday though at the 16 week appointment.

Workouts: Week 15 was a bit better than week 16 in terms of volume, but I am feeling really good about my activity. Between the last 2 weeks, I’ve completed 7 runs, 1 swim, 4 strength workouts and 1 yoga class. I still want to get in more yoga, but I feel like a bit of a broken record on that one.

Symptoms: I am happy to report I have a lot more energy now! Woo hoo! I haven’t felt like I need a nap each and everyday. At this point, I think I am just in the habit more than anything, so I am really trying to keep myself awake with no nap. I’ve been doing a pretty good job.

Food Aversions: I’ve still been staying away from the dreaded chicken. Just hasn’t been doing it for me still. I’m pretty sick of red meat at this point, so I am trying to incorporate other forms of protein. Eggs have been great, so I have been hard boiling them and putting them on salads, which make me feel pretty good.

Food Cravings: Nothing really in particular. I’ve felt like I’ve been eating pretty normal lately, which is great. It makes me feel really good – not the bloated and just bleh feeling I was having an issue with in the past.

Sleep: I’ve still been tossing and turning more than I would like when I go to sleep, but once I fall asleep, I’m pretty good. For a few days, I was having a big issue with my stomach feeling like it was just stretching like mad. I quickly found out it was because I was just eating too much at night, and there was no where to go since the size of the baby is taking up a lot more of my abdomen. My stomach just doesn’t have as much room to stretch out – gotta make room for that baby!

Baby Items Purchased: After going to my prenatal yoga class, I decided to get a prenatal DVD to save a little bit of money. It was less than $10 on Amazon, so I plan to use it for a bit until I am itching to get back to the in person prenatal class. My cousin is amazing and sent me a big box of her maternity clothes, and I am so thankful! I am so happy to be able to have some clothes to use! Lastly, Marcus came back from Marshalls yesterday with a couple of binkies – super cute!

Prenatal Yoga


Miss anything?: Ehh, shorts that fit! I have one pair of maternity shorts, so I am wearing those like crazy. I can’t even come close to zipping any of my regular shorts, which is to be expected. I went ahead and put them away in a box in the closet so I don’t have to continue to stare at them anymore :)

Looking forward to: My appointment on Wednesday! Can’t wait to hear that heartbeat!

Stretchmarks: Nope! Plenty of oils have been given to me, and my favorite is one my friend Laura. It smells so good and doesn’t leave a nasty residue. I am so picky with lotions, so this one is perfect!


It’s All About Perspective

September 6, 2013

Something I have been dealing a bit with lately is perspective. Whether it’s a good or bad thing is a different story – right now, it just is. Let me explain…..

No matter what is going on your life, the way you approach it – aka, your perspective – is what is going to get you through it. A friend texted me a few days ago, sharing with me she ran 3 miles without stopping once. We had been talking about this as her goal for quite sometime, and she broke over the hurdle and accomplished it. She followed up the text with “it meant a lot that a super fast runner supported her running 3 miles”. I told her this was all a matter of perspective. She has just started her running journey, and should be very proud of her huge accomplishment, regardless of what anyone thinks. She set a goal, went after it, and achieved it, plain and simple. (If you are wondering, heck yes I am proud of her accomplishment!! I was sooo thrilled to receive the text!)


The more I think about perspective, the more I see it pouring over into certain areas of my life. Ever since I started this blog, I have been pretty consistent with my posting schedule. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, there is always a post up. However, in the past few months, it hasn’t been happening that way. My 3x a week posts have dwindled to 2x mostly, and may not even be on my usual days. This used to really bother my at times, but I have been significantly more laid back about it. I’ve had a lot going on in my life, and of course there are the days that I just don’t feel like posting. Instead of making this mean something, I just let it be. I’ve changed my perspective a bit, and feel so much better now that I have. If I don’t have something interesting or thought-provoking to write about, then I’m not going to – no big deal.

Most of all, I am learning to gain a brand new perspective on my exercise while pregnant. Instead of looking at paces which are much much slower than I am accustomed to running, I cherish it. I GET to run right now. There are plenty of people who aren’t even able to run through pregnancy. Who knows, at some point in this journey, I may be one of those people. Until that point, I am going to continue to run, no matter how fast or slow, and enjoy every step. Exercise is something I am able to do both for myself and for Baby Baum. I feel better after, and I know I am taking care of myself in the process.

Some people may see a pregnant person running and immediately judge them for not taking care of the baby. What they may not ask is what that runner was doing before they were pregnant. For me, I was running 30-40 miles a week no problem. I’m pretty sure the 10-12 miles per week I am running now are really no big deal. They are do far more good for my body than bad.

It’s all about perspective.

What about you – do you have any situations in your life where altering perspective may change your outlook?

The Little Things

September 2, 2013

There are so many little things in life we take for granted each and every day. Here are a few that came to my head. Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day!

Purse hooks in bathrooms

Elastic waisted shorts

Concerts venues with seats

Morning walks with my dog

Homegoods right next door to Target – save me!

Dinner cooked for me by my parents

Weekends with no plans

Having a clean house

Reading on a Sunday afternoon

Brand new running shoes

Surprise gifts

Feeling good in a new outfit

Holiday sales

A comfy hotel bed

Evening thunderstorms

Puppies walking down stairs

Sweater Weather

Finding $20 in a pocket

An open seat next to you on an airplane

A strong, free wi-fi signal

College football season

3 Day weekends

What are some little things that you might take for granted?

My First Prenatal Yoga Class

August 30, 2013

I kept my word and finally made it to yoga last night! Wooo hooo!! I didn’t go to just any yoga class either. I went to my very first prenatal yoga. I have to admit – I was a little bit apprehensive about going. There were a few (very silly ) things running through my head:

  • I’m not pregnant enough yet for prenatal yoga
  • I’m not going to get a real “workout” in
  • I’m very out of practice so it is going to be pretty rough

Luckily, I made myself get to class regardless. For anyone that has been to yoga, one tidbit you can always walk away with is that it is a practice. You are there for yourself and no one else – no comparisons, about yourself or anyone else. Pretty much, this took away the first and second bullet point above. As for the middle one, how would I really know about the intensity of the class if I had never been?

Bella Prana 1

It started off much differently than any other yoga class that I have been to. We introduced ourselves, mentioned how far along we were, anything that has been going on with us, and the gender of the baby (if people knew). This made it nice and low key, and a great way to connect to other pregnant women in the community. There were 5 people including the instructor, so the class was nice and intimate. After intro’s, we grabbed a bolster and made a nice supported chair like thing. I can’t seem to find a picture of one anywhere, but it was basically two blocks formed in the shape of an L, with a bolster laying on top. It was super comfy!

We started in this reclined position and started some breathing exercises, then slowly started to get through some poses. I noticed we didn’t hold them for nearly as long as some other classes, since pregnancy greatly throws off one’s balance. We did one tiny flow sequence, just to get warmed up, but that was pretty much it for that.

The biggest aspect of the class that I noticed was the addition of a multitude of modifications for each and every pose. This is very important as with so many different stages of pregnancy, there are a variety of limitations. I am at the point where the only thing I can’t really do is lay on my stomach, but simple poses like a forward fold were difficult for those women in their 3rd trimester. It was pretty neat to be in a class that catered to so many different people. If anything, I got a lot out of just that.

Bella Prana

The class ended with some restorative poses against the wall (to help with balance), and then a light meditation. The instructor, Aimee, was really great. She knew nearly all of the students by name and really took the time to get to know those of us that were new to her class.

I’m really glad I went to check out the class, without a doubt. I do think I am still in the part of my pregnancy where I can benefit from getting to a Flow 1 class, and just slightly modifying the poses. By no means am I counting out prenatal yoga, but I think I may get to it later on in my pregnancy, or just every few weeks or so. I can see a lot of benefit, for myself and Baby Baum, and I know if will be a great addition to my exercise routine as I get a bit rounder 😉

Did you go to prenatal yoga during pregnancy? Would you consider going when you do get pregnant?

Staying Active on Long Weekends

August 28, 2013

Pssssst – I posted a Baby Baum update yesterday! Check it out if you would like 😉

Anyone excited about the long weekend coming up!? Ever since I started coaching and personal training full time, I don’t look forward to holidays quite the same, since I don’t get the paid time off. However, my husband still does, so I am pumped to spend the 3 day weekend with him! We are planning on laying pretty low, but what if it’s the opposite? Busy weekends call for unpredictable schedules, which in turn can mean not fitting in workouts. Here are a few tips to stay active, even on vacation.

Enroll someone to do it with you

Whether you are with family or friends, there is usually someone who is willing to exercise with you. If you have a run on the schedule and you have a friend that loves to bike, see if they will ride along next to you. I always LOVE having company on runs, even if my workout partner isn’t on foot. The conversation helps the miles just fly by.

Marathon long run

Wake up before others

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, others are going to opt for sleep instead of activity. Set your alarm a bit early so you are finishing up before everyone else wakes up. Now, you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything. Even better, sip on an extra drink – you earned it!


Stay active

I’m not talking about getting in extra running or classes either. If you are at the beach or pool, get in deep enough water where you can tread water for 10 minutes. Do that 3 separate times throughout the day, and you are looking 30 minutes of solid exercise. Do you have family that lives close enough to each other where you can walk from house to house? Ditch the car and lace up your sneakers.

Be flexible

This is my biggest tip! Depending on your vacation, sometimes you just can’t fit in that workout, or at least a workout in its full entirety. Be ok with having to skip it or at least cutting it short. 5 miles may not be the same as 8 miles, but at least you are getting out and moving! A workout DVD inside may not be the same as your run outside, but your heart is pounding and you are getting your sweat on, so that counts for something!

Hiking Trail

Work around your vacation

If you know you have a long run coming up, and it isn’t feasible to do it away from home (safety, running conditions, etc), get it into your schedule before you leave. I’ve had to do this multiple times, and it always seems to work just fine. Yes, you may have to wake up super early on a work day, but keep in mind you are leaving for vacation the next day! That should keep you motivated!

How do you stay active on long weekend and on vacation?