Wordless Wednesday – Disney Style

P.S. – Some photos courtesy of Meghann!

The 2012 Women’s Half Marathon

There are some weekends that I feel that hopping on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is a huge race tease. Luckily, this weekend I was a part of all of the racing fun! I ran the Women’s Half Marathon for a fun way to get back into racing after the Chicago Marathon. I picked up my race bib from the expo (check out my post from last year, as it didn’t change much), had a relaxing dinner, and was up bright and early for a very chilly race morning!

Meghann and I carpooled to the race, and decided we would run as much of the race as we could together. We have so many of the same race and always have a blast – yesterday was no different! We chatted for a bit, and then got in a nice easy rhythm. We spotted her fiance a couple of times on the course, and he snapped some fun pictures! We are suckers for a camera ;)

(Photo Credit to Meghann)

The cloud cover really kept the temps down. I never felt hot or uncomfortable – it was the perfect time for a half marathon. It was even nice enough for Callie, who is 38 weeks pregnant, to be out with her husband and the mini athlete, cheering us all on like crazy. She had signed up to run the race before baby #2 was on the way, but had to sit this one out. We spotted her at the 4.5 mile mark and were soooo excited to see her!

(Photo Credit to Meghann)

(Photo credit to Callie)

We gave her a big wave, and were off for the rest of the course. Once we got to the pier around mile 7.5, we had a pretty intense head wind, and that is where Meghann and I split up. I was feeling fine, and decided to just cruise for the rest of the race. The course is really awesome, but I really can’t say much for the last 3 miles. It took us around a lake and around Tropicana field, but the spectators were minimal and it was pretty boring. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the course! I picked it up for the last mile or so at brought it in strong.

(Photo Credit to Callie)

Running races for fun is so worth it. So many times when I toe the start line, I have a time goal in mind. I had no expectations for yesterday’s race, and had no interest in pushing myself. I wanted to have fun with friends and take it all in, and that is exactly what I did. I was laughing and smiling the whole time, and just enjoyed an easy Sunday morning run.

The only difference on yesterday’s run from regular weekend runs? I ended up with one of these!

What can I say… I do it for the bling ;)

A huge congratulations for all of the first time half marathoners that were out there yesterday! I knew so many amazing ladies finishing the distance for the first time, and loved seeing all of their updates. Congrats to Melissa, who really kicked butt! So proud of you!

Another big thing event that happened yesterday in our house – Winnie turned one!

Yes, she wore a birthday hat on her big day. What can I say, she likes to be festive ;) We have had so much fun with her the past year, and have loved watching her grow. It is hard to believe she was this big when we brought her home.

And now she is 75 pounds of crazy dog!

Happy birthday sweet girl!! You make our days a lot more fun and exciting!

Anyone else race this weekend? How did it go? Do you ever run races solely for fun, and have no time goal in mind – or are you a slave to your watch?




My Happy Distance

One of the great perks of being a Lululemon ambassador is being able to participate in their private events. Last night, my local store held a Research and Development Event, so of course I made it a point to go! A party where yoga pants and tank tops are a must? Sign me up!

The R&D Mixer was a space for fitness professionals in the Tampa area to have some time to network, along with seeing what the new winter line of clothes looked like. There was food, drinks, and even a goal setting station. For those of you that don’t know, Lululemon is huge into goal setting.

All of their educators set goals well into the future, and anyone coming into the store can do it as well. I’ll be doing an official goal setting session next month, but I decided to throw out a small one right now!

Now that racing an olympic distance triathlon is out there, I WILL complete it!!

To show off the new clothes, they asked a lot of the ambassadors to model them. The best part – they needed a male runner as well, so look who got to strut his stuff down the red carpet…

Happy Distance

I don’t mean to completely jump topics here, but I am going to. I was thinking about this over the week, and would love your opinion!

Without much of a training schedule, running tends to be a bit more sporadic. I am doing my best to get out 4 days a week to run, and I am doing pretty well with it. I tend to range from around 3 miles for shorter runs, to up to 10 miles for my long run days. When I was out the other day, I got to thinking about my mileage, and what constitutes a workout for me.

Don’t get me wrong, any type of exercise is great for your body. Getting out and walking the dog every morning and night is definitely exercise, but I don’t necessarily classify it as a workout. It is just part of my day. I know that I can get out just about any time at get in 3 miles. It is just enough time to get a sweat on, and get my body moving a bit. But what is a workout for me?

I decided my happy distance is 6 miles. I feel accomplished after, I have a good calorie burn, and I enjoy the time I am outside. I can recover quickly, and I do not feel extremely tired after. Anything less feels short and easy (in my head), and anything longer takes more out of me.

For long runs, I consider anything in the double digits long, but that is also based on my current base. Ask me when I am in marathon mode, and 12 miles is a piece of cake ! At that point, anything over the 16 mile mark is long. Sick, I know. But true ;)

And it may be because I have a couple of shorter routes where I live that I feel like I can bang out with no problem. 25 minutes to spare – go for it! 3 miles is a piece of cake. 6 miles always takes a little bit more planning – a get up earlier, I am out longer – and yes, I feel more accomplished.

So what is your happy distance? Do you feel good no matter how long you run for, or do you cross that threshold from no-brainer to a more difficult effort. Ever participated in a fun fitness fashion show? Do you set goals for the future?

Stand Up Paddleboarding

When the holiday season comes around, sometimes it is hard to find time to get in planned exercise from a normal routine. Certain runs don’t get done, strength training sessions get skipped, and excuses are everywhere! However, just because you are not exercising in a standard way, doesn’t mean you have to be lazy!

The triathlon team that I am a part of decided to put a spin on exercise over the weekend, and we all went out paddleboarding! Living in Florida, we may never get to play in the snow, but it is pretty easy to do water sports just about year around! When everyone else was bundled up last Sunday, we were hanging in our bathing suits and having a blast!

We took advantage of a Google Offer back in the summer time, which was 2 paddleboarding lessons for the price of 1 with Tampa Bay Stand Up Paddle Boarding. I made an appointment for all of us at the same time, which was definitely the best way to go about it! Kim, our instructor, let all of us know exactly what we needed to do to be successful on the boards. There is a bit of technique to it for sure – bent knees, a tip at the hip, and some pushing and pulling.

She even took some extra time with me. Spoiler – I am a big sissie. I was so bad at paddleboarding! Seriously! I spent way more time sitting on board than standing!

There was a lot of falling, jumping, jousting, and just an overall amazing time! I love all these people! Words just can’t even describe the fun we had – these photos will have to do!!

Ever been paddleboarding? What do you like to do for some fun fitness?



Getting Pretty Muddy

I tend to enter into competitive races most of the time. I truly have a difficult time running at a super easy pace, or just for fun. Running fast for me is fun. This past weekend, I was able to embrace that inner easy pace, as I got Pretty Muddy!

Meghann, Stephanie, Diana, and I all headed up to Dade City, about 45 minutes north of Tampa. We all had a mud run on our agenda for the day!

Full Disclosure: I was given a complimentary entry to the race in exchange for honest feedback about the inaugural Tampa event and my post race review. All opinions are solely my own, and no one elses.

This was the most branded race that I have ever ran before. The tents said pretty muddy, the caution tape to keep us on course said Pretty Muddy – it was all there! There were waves in 15 minute increments from 8am all the way until noon, and the group of us all decided to get going early for the 8:30 wave. So glad that we did!

The course was 5k in length and was littered with fun obstacles, some filled with mud, and some not. For example, within the first 200 yards, we came up on our first one – Bubbles! Give a bunch of girls some bubbles to run through, and you have an amazing time!

But what is a Pretty Muddy mud run without getting a little dirty, right? We were ensured that the mud was all “clean mud” – aka, it had no rocks or dangerous particles in it. It was all dirt and water, so falling, running, throwing and rolling in it was no issue. The best part of the run was that if you didn’t feel comfortable tackling an obstacle, you didn’t have to. You could walk right around it. None of us did this, of course, because we were all in!! The muddier, the better!

Oh, and as for all of these amazing photos??!! Meghann has an amazing waterproof camera that she brought to the race, and captured over 200 awesome photos! Thanks for letting me use them!! :)

I must say – I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. I am pretty sure that we all had a smile on our face the entire time! It was so much more fun than I had ever imagined! Most girls spend time together at the mall, getting their nails done, or sipping a glass of wine (which I definitely love as well!!) – but we spent the day getting Pretty Muddy!

And how did the original four of us turn out…

We got down and dirty!! And don’t worry – there was a designated place for us to hose off and then get changed afterwards. They definitely thought of everything!

Thank you so much to Pretty Muddy for giving us the opportunity to run this amazing race. I know they are significantly expanding across the country within the next year, so look out for them in your city! You don’t want to miss this Mud Run!!

Ever done a Mud Run? Would you want to in the future!?