Maternity Photos: Baby Baum

December 9, 2013

I am fairly certain one of the most difficult things to do is take 148 photos and narrow them down to 6. That is just what I did over the weekend once I received our maternity photos!

Maternity Photos

I was really torn as to whether or not I even wanted to take them. At first, it seemed like a waste of money, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make sure this special time was documented (and it was the perfect time to get a holiday card photo!).

Maternity photos

My childhood friend, Kathryn, is a very talented photographer based out of the Atlanta area. When I found out she was going to be in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, I knew I wanted her to be the one to take our maternity photos. She has a certain look to her work that I just love. All of her photos are so calm and serene – exactly what I was looking for.

Maternity Photos

Kathryn was able to capture everything perfectly! It was an overcast day, which made for some beautiful photos. There were a few hints of sunshine that broke through the clouds, and I think she took advantage of every one!

Maternity Photos

She gave me the advice of taking advantage of the 7 month mark for maternity pictures. The baby is just big enough so there is no mistaking you are pregnant, but still plenty comfortable and feeling great.

Maternity Photos

Thanks so much for capturing all of these amazing shots Kathryn! Everything turned out absolutely perfect!

maternity photos

Did you take maternity photos? If you didn’t, do you wish you had?

The Mizuno Wave Rider 17

December 5, 2013

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

What is something every runner could use for Christmas!? New running shoes of course! Mizuno was nice enough to send me a pair of the new Wave Rider 17 to test out, and I have to say – add it to your Christmas list.

Wave Rider 17.jpg

This is the 17th installment of the shoe, and the edits Mizuno has made are definitely for the better. In the 16th edition, the heel was a bit thicker and really felt clunky when I put it on. That is gone for the 17th edition. The midsole was changed to the new U4ic lightweight cushioning. The forefront of the shoe is blown rubber with deep flex grooves so there is optimal flexibility each and every time you push off the ground.

Mizuno 17

Back in the summer, I reviewed the Mizuno Wave Sayonara. The Wave Rider 17 and the Sayonara are both neutral shoes, so which one is the better pick? I like the Sayonara for speed work and shorter runs, as it is significantly lighter (8.1oz for men & 7.1oz for women). For more distance type runs and being on my feet longer, I am choosing the Wave Rider 17. It has a bit more to the shoe, and I feel like I get more support from it. It weighs in at 7.8oz, which is still an ounce less than the 16’s, but .7oz more than the Sayonara.

To me, Mizuno’s tend to run pretty true to size, but they are a bit on the narrower side than other shoes. I don’t think the Wave Rider is a great shoe for those with wider feet or those with bunions and a wide midfoot. The heel cup is snug without rubbing and doesn’t slip all over the place either.

Mizuno Wave Rider 17


The Wave Rider 17 is available starting today, December 5th, and is priced at $115.00, which is really quite moderate for a quality running shoe. Go and grab one for the neutral runner on your Christmas list. Finding a pair under the tree will surely make their holiday!

Are you a Mizuno fan? Have you worn the Wave Rider in the past, and would you want to check out the 17th edition?

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot & Holiday Fun 2013

December 2, 2013

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving –> and Hanukkah for those who celebrated!

We had an absolutely fantastic, low-key weekend. It was full of food, family, some running, and of course, a little Black Friday shopping. We went out Friday morning around 9am and shopped for a few hours. There were very minimal crowds and the only true line I stood in was at Old Navy. I had to get some super comfy maternity yoga pants! Worth Every Penny!

Thanksgiving kicked off with my annual tradition of running the local Turkey Trot! (Read the past 2 year’s recaps here and here). This was my 10th consecutive year running it, so there was no way I was going to miss it! I was super held bent on running the 10k until about 3 weeks ago. I hadn’t ran anything longer than 4-5 miles in weeks, and I really just wasn’t up for pushing myself. I decided to run the 5k, and luckily I had an amazing group who was a-ok with running the shorter distance with me!

Turkey Trot 2013


Stephanie and Meghann had never ran the Turkey Trot before and wanted to give it a shot. We even were able to get the husbands, along with my mother in law and sister in law to come out too! For those of you thinking why we are all bundled in Florida, it was actually 39 at the start of the race! We had a cold front come through, which meant we all felt the need to overdress – it was cold out there!!!

Turkey Trot 2013

Oh and you know, a few thousand of our other friends as well…

Turkey Trot 2013

The 5k was crazy packed! Now I know why I’ve been doing the 10k year after year – wayyyy less of a crowd!

As I mentioned last Wednesday, Marcus and I got the chance to take some maternity pictures. We got those all finished up, and I can not wait to see them! An old friend of mine, Kathryn, is an amazing photographer and was in town from Atlanta for the holiday. She took the photos and I know they are going to turn out absolutely beautiful! Here is a quick one from an iPhone which my sister in law took as she helped us with Winnie B!

Maternity Photo Sneek

The last part of our weekend was decorating for Christmas! We picked up our tree in no time flat – I saw one and we bought it right away. Yes, this is tree shopping in Florida – shorts and a tank top!

Christmas 2013

We came home and decorated it, and now are officially ready for Christmas! We live in a somewhat small townhouse, so the entire place smells like a Christmas tree. I love it!

Christmas 2013

I guess that is enough randomness for today. Hope everyone has an amazing start to the week and of course, only 23 more days until Christmas!!

How was your Thanksgiving?! Run any Turkey Trots or score any great Black Friday deals?

Baby Baum: Weeks 26 & 27

November 27, 2013

I can’t help but feel a little repetitive every time I write these update posts, but another 2 weeks has flown by. I keep thinking time might slow down just a bit, but it has yet to happen. Photos from the past couple of weeks have been a little lack luster. With the time change, I keep forgetting to get them in Sunday afternoon before it gets dark. I am just not a fan of the inside photo. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get. First off, here I am a couple of weeks ago…

26 Weeks

And then here I am this past Sunday after I ran the Women’s Running Series 5k (I still owe you all a post on that one!) The belly is a bit tough to tell, especially since I am in a dark color, but you get the drift. Hint: its getting big!

27 weeks

 Here is what’s going on with the munchkin this week:

  • The baby is the size of a rutabaga, measuring 13 to 14.8 inches, and weighs between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs
  • Instead of growing a lot bigger this week, his or her is really starting to develop and is getting a lot smarter. Brain activity is very prominent now!
  • He or she is inhaling and exhaling (amniotic fluid) now

As for my details:

Weight gain: Not sure, but I would imagine it is going to be up a bit when I have my appointment next week. I have been super hungry the past couple of weeks. Skipping my mid afternoon snack is no longer an option

Workouts: Still doing great! I skipped a run last week due to some back pain, but was still able to fit in 7 runs and 5 strength training days, including a 5k race. Anything over the 30 minute mark just wears me out, so the 5k distance has been perfect for me.


  • Back pain has definitely settled in, but mostly just in the evening. I had some pain around my back/kidney area last week so I took it a little easy and got some extra rest. It seems to have gone away.
  • I’ve been getting tired at night for sure.
  • Super thirsty!
  • Otherwise, I’ve been feeling really good!

Movement: He or she is moving and shaking every day. It is at completely random times, so I can never seem to know when it is coming, but it is definitely there!

Food Aversions & Cravings: I’ve been craving nothing at all and I am still eating completely normal. I am hoping this lasts for the 3rd trimester too!

Sleep: Awesome! I am still sleeping very well. I really hope this continues as long as possible

Stretch Marks: None!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On! :)

Fun Things from the Week? We built the baby’s crib! It was probably the easiest piece of furniture we have ever assembled, hands down! Winnie was even kind enough to help us with the directions 😉

Winnie & Baby Baum crib directions

As soon as we had it in the nursery, it really got real. Now, every time I walk past the room and look in, I can’t help but smile. We have all of the big furniture items, but are still working on decor. I ordered a cute wall hanging offline, but it was delivered damaged, so we are back to square one with that one. I am keeping my eye open for sure!

 Baby Baum Crib & Winnie

Happy or Moody? Definitely happy. I really haven’t had a whole lot of moodiness throughout the pregnancy – I find it happens only at night when I am just ready to get to bed.

Looking Forward To: We have so many things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks! Maternity pictures are tomorrow, then the 7 month appointment is next week, followed by the 4D Ultrasound the following week. Oh ya, and Thanksgiving is smooshed in there too! I feel like the next month is just going to be crazy with all of the holidays! Whoa Baby!

Have an amazing Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the time with your friends and family!

Go-To Items for Recovery

November 22, 2013

On Wednesday I mentioned a few things to do right after the goal race, and figured I would take it a step further in a different direction. Here are a few ways to help you recover from a tough workout, your long run, or another road race.

Recovery Ecard

Ice Baths or Epsom Salt Baths

Depending on who you talk to, ice baths and epsom salt baths are usually mentioned. I personally am a fan of the ice bath. It helps to reduce inflammation and makes it so my joints and muscles do not hurt nearly as much after hours of pounding. Plus, when I ran for UCF, we were required to hop in the whirlpool ice tub after every practice. Now, I really only take them after long runs, but would really benefit taking them after speed workouts too. I usually just don’t schedule in enough time for mid week ice baths after workouts.

Compression Socks/Sleeves

If I could pick only one item to help me recover, compression sleeves would be my choice. I wear them both during and after runs any longer than 8 miles (or 60 minutes). Compression of the lower leg increases blood circulation, which in turn, speeds up recovery. They can easily be worn underneath pants no matter where you are – at work, on a plane, or just hanging out around the house. Now, I wear them pretty frequently when my legs are sore or bothering me because of the pregnancy. Anything that speeds up circulation is a-ok with me. I tend to like the sleeves better than the socks because a) I am picky with the socks I wear and b) you can wear them post run with flip flops. I do live in Florida after all. :)

Pro Compression Socks


I am a big fan of Biofreeze post marathon. I am not a fan of taking any type of pain reliever like Advil or Tylenol, but I will use Biofreeze and some other footcare products online. It is a cold therapy pain relief lotion. Now it comes in a spray, which is so so awesome! The less lotion I have to put on my hands, the better, especially when it has that cooling effect.

Foam Roller

This is definitely a love to hate type of product. It hurts so bad when I use it, but I know how beneficial it is when I am done. If you can make a date with your foam roller every day, you won’t be sorry. It really only take 5-10 minutes. For anyone with IT or glute issues, a foam roller is always my first recommendation to give a try. It is pretty much like getting a deep tissue massage, breaking down the big knots in your muscles that you just can’t get to otherwise.


This is key, although it is sometimes the most difficult thing to do. Try to get in a little nap or some solid rest time after tough workouts or long runs. Your body recovers extremely well while sleeping, or even if you are just sitting while watching a movie with your feet up. If you can schedule a long run on a day you don’t have to be on your feet for the rest of the day, then do it. I’m not saying you should be completely sedentary, but rest is a great thing to take advantage of.

What do you use to recover after a long race, run, or workout?