Exercise in My First Trimester

August 19, 2013

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I can finally be a little more truthful on here about my activities and exercise. It was really important to Marcus and I to keep everything a secret until we hit that 12 week mark, so now that it has come and gone (woo hoo!!) here is a little look into my exercise lately.


I am finally back to running 3 miles straight! Yes, I know, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, especially since I ran a marathon back in April. From around weeks 6-10 in the pregnancy, I was in walk run mode. I would walk for a minute, and run for 2, then repeat. It pretty much looked like a plan of someone just getting into exercise. I was very conscious about listening to my body and doing what it needed me to do. For those 4 weeks,my body didn’t want to run. My heart rate would go sky high, and I would be incredibly out of breath. So I walked – a lot. Then, around week 10, I miraculously got some energy back. One mile of running turned into a mile and a half. Somehow, I have slowly climbed back up to the 3-4 mile range.

Until it cools off a bit, I plan to keep this sort of mileage. I feel good running, but the heat is just a little bit too much still. I can handle about 30-40 minutes of it, but then I need to head inside. Morning workouts are definitely the best way for me to get the best quality in as well. Hopefully in about a month, I can slowly get to the 5-6 mile runs I love. We shall see – it all depends on how everything is going and how I am feeling. Oh, as for my pace. I do what I can do. Some days, I can hover around the 9 minute mile mark, other days, like this morning, it’s looking more like 10:30 pace. It is a humbling experience for sure, as I have never ran anything over 9 minute miles. All for the good of Baby Baum!

Garmin 3 mile run

Strength Training

I’ve been ok about getting in weights – not amazing, but ok. My workouts have been high repetitions and low weights. Before, I would really push myself and lift decently heavy (for me). Now, it’s really all about just getting in the workouts, but without the added stress. The goal is not to get stronger, but to maintain the muscle mass.

I am still leading my bootcamps at the gym I train at, but I am only doing about half of the exercises. There are certain ones I know will raise my heart rate too much (hello mountain climbers!), so I just sit those out. I usually have the group do a cardio, heart raising segment in the beginning, so I lead that part, rather than participate.

Tricep Dip Gym


I have been terrible about getting to the pool – absolutely terrible! I used to go 3-4 times a week, but then went to the wayside as soon as the morning sickness kicked in. The last thing I wanted to do was swim around – walking was hard enough to get into. Now that I am feeling really good again, I plan to get to the pool 2 times a week. It is nothing crazy, but I know it will make a big difference in the way I feel.

Pool lane


Here is another activity I have got to get back into. Once again, laziness has taken over. I am starting to feel some pain in my lower back, so I know I need to get to the mat. It isn’t like the pain I’ve had before. I know this time, it is completely pregnancy related. It is more of an ache than anything else, so it is time to get that pain released. If I can go just one time per week, I will be happy!

Evolation Yoga 4

That’s pretty much the skinny on exercise for the past 10 weeks or so. For those of you with kids, what was your favorite way to stay active when you were pregnant? If you haven’t had kids yet, have you noticed any popular forms of activity with family or friends?

Baby Baum – The Details

August 15, 2013

Thank you so much to everyone for your well wishes yesterday! I am sooo happy we could finally share our good news with you! For those of you who have been reading for a while, you probably already knew something was up. I mean, no fall races at all, and practically no running for a bit…. that’s just not me! After I finished my last marathon in April, the doctor told me if I was really serious about getting pregnant, I was going to need to cut down on the intensity significantly. She recommended 30 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. This was crazy hard at first, but ended up being well worth it when I saw those pretty pink lines! I’m still working on getting a new tab on the top of the blog to house these baby posts, as I know a lot of readers come here for running advice and not baby information. I hope to have that ready in the next few days. Until then, here are a bunch of details about Baby Baum!

How did you find out you were pregnant?

I took a pregnancy test.

What kind of pregnancy test did you take?

The first was a generic Publix brand, then I took a Clear Blue, and the last was a One Step.

pregnancy test

How many?

Ohhhh, only 6. My first thought was that the test was a less expensive, generic brand so of course it was wrong. Well, it was one of a two pack, and the second one said the same thing. Later that night, I got the Clear Blue test, and it was pretty darn evident. I think I ended up with the last pack of tests because I liked seeing the positive test so much.  😉

What were your first symptoms?

A couple of days before I took the test, I was feeling a little off. My running felt really hard, and for no good reason. I wasn’t trying to run fast or anything – it was just difficult. Then I would get out of breath walking up the stairs in our 3 story condo, which never happened. The last straw was I noticed I was getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, which I never do! I am a crazy solid sleeper! So I went out and bought a pack of pregnancy tests.

Who did you tell first?

Marcus, of course. Well actually, technically I told Winnie. She doesn’t exactly understand boundaries so she was staring at me in the bathroom. Anyhow, it was the day before Father’s Day, and I had picked up a card for Marcus **just in case** I was able to tell him that month. I wrote a nice note in the card, sealed it, and told Winnie to bring it to Marcus. She brings the mail in for me every day, so it was pretty normal for her to carry an envelope. She carried it up the stairs and gave it to him. At first, he thought it was just a nice gesture since we were trying and it was right around Father’s Day. It took a few seconds, and then he got it – this wasn’t wishful thinking, I was actually pregnant!

My first reaction:

Total disbelief that quickly turned into the best news ever!

Was your baby planned?


How far were you when you found out?

Right at the 4 week mark.

How did your parents/family react?

They were soooo excited! We got everyone gifts that pertained to them to share the news. Our parents knew we were trying, so they were excited, but not surprised. Our siblings, on the other hand, had no clue. We got our sister’s the same things, just personalized for them. It was an insulated cup that said “Auntie Em” or “Auntie Morgs” on it, and inside was a onesie. It took each of them a split second to get what it mean, and they both had the same reaction!

How did you tell your friends?

We really told most of our friends in different ways. Some we showed the ultrasound picture, some we just shared the news over the phone. Once we got to the 10 week mark, we were comfortable sharing with our closest friends and family, and then we waited until 12 weeks to tell everyone.

Baby Details

Due Date: February 23rd, 2014

Do you know the sex? Nope

Will you find out the sex? No! We are waiting to find out on his or her birthday!

Any names? We will come up with names here or there, but nothing serious yet. I have a feeling that will be the hardest part ever!

Were you trying long? Since February

Any ultrasounds? Yep! I’ve actually had 3 ultrasounds already. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) so they actually will do the ultrasound really early one to check and see if everything looks right. I don’t plan to go too in-depth about that, but if you have questions, please email me. I’d be happy to talk about it with you!

Baby Baum 12 Week Ultrasound

Baby Baum at 12 weeks

Have you heard the heartbeat? Yep! It was the most unbelievable sound I’ve ever heard!

Will the baby have siblings? Winnie B, of course!

Have you felt the baby move? Not yet.


How do you feel?

I’m feeling pretty good now. Around week 10, I started to get a lot of my energy back. I was only able to do run/walk intervals for about 6 weeks, but I am back to running 3-4 miles at a time. 4 miles is still my max right now, which is what I feel comfortable doing in this heat. Once it cools down a bit, I plan to add a little more distance back – a little, nothing crazy.

Do you have morning sickness?

Starting at week 6, I felt awful, which just so happened to be at the end of our California trip. The only way I can really describe it is being in a constant state of being hungover. It lasted until about week 8, which was when I started with acupuncture. Let me tell you, acupuncture has saved me during this pregnancy. I plan to write an entire post on acupuncture and pregnancy, but that will be another day.

Do you have any cravings?

I have been all about the fruit snacks the past 3 weeks. I seriously eat like 3 little packets a day. They are soooo good!

Do you have any food aversions?

The past couple of days, I’ve been turned off by chicken. Random, I know. Otherwise, nothing is looking bad. It’s not so much a food aversion, but more so that my body isn’t really doing well with it – dairy. I used to eat all kinds of yogurt, milk and cereal, etc. but I can’t do that at all right now. Yep, that also means no ice cream :(

Do you have any mood swings?

Nothing crazy yet. I notice I get a little irritable at night when I am just tired and ready to go to bed from a tiring day. I’ve been lucky enough to take naps most days of the weeks, since I am able to make my schedule flexible with training and run coaching. I have soooo much respect for all of the 9-5 women that can’t take those naps. I’m not sure how it is even possible!

How far long are you now?

As of today, I am 12 weeks and 5 days. I hit the new week mark every Sunday.

Baby Baum 12 weeksI’m not sure if I plan to do weekly updates or not. I just can’t decide. I’ll definitely recap each month, but I don’t want to over do it for those of ya’ll that just aren’t interested.


The One Where Something is Announced

August 15, 2013

Something Marcus and I pride ourselves on is the amount of time we’ve spent to train our dog Winnie. We’ve had her since she was only 6 weeks old, and have spent so much time working on commands, good behavior, and of course, tricks. We have a big one coming up for her, and expect it will take her a solid 9 months to really catch on.

Winnie's Announcement V3

Details to come tomorrow :)

Working Out With PUMA

August 12, 2013

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of PUMA

Something I just can’t get enough of is workout clothes. I can walk into normal stores and not purchase a thing, but show me a sweat wicking top and a pair of spandex shorts – I’m done for. Who else is with me?

Lucky for me, PUMA sent me a very functional and cute workout outfit to keep working out fun! I am usually a racerback kind of girl I like the movement of the tops, so I pretty much stick to it. I was a little bit hesitant when I saw the Puma top, but wow , it is crazy comfy! It’s long, doesn’t ride up, and doesn’t stick to you once you get all sweaty.

Puma top

The compression pants are designed differently than anything I’ve ever seen. On the inside, the actually have athletic tape to fit the anatomical positions of our body. With this positioning, performance is maximized during and after exercise. They are definitely tight, as they are made of lycra, but they aren’t the “so tight they cut off your circulation type pants”, ya know?


Last but not  least, we all need shoes for our strength training. I have plenty of running shoes, but it is important to have a different pair to strength train in, as I don’t want to wear my running specific shoes in a weird way. The Formlite XT Ultra Fluo is made  for superior cushioning, comfort, and stability. The sole is made of a 360 fit and flex, so they are extremely light and very flexible.


With such a great outfit to wear cross training, I’d say we need a great workout to go with it, right? Check out the circuit below. Do 30 seconds for each exercise, and then move to the next one. Complete a minimum of three circuits for a great, heart pounding workout.


Target Your Glutes

August 12, 2013

One area I have a lot of clients want to work on is their glutes, and all around hip area. Your glutes are the biggest muscle group in your body, so it’s a very good idea to keep them strong. It can help you to prevent injury and get stronger overall. There are amazing exercises to really isolate these areas, so check them out below. You (and your jeans!) will be happy you did.


There is a reason nearly every group exercise class, bootcamp, and personal training session usually includes squats –> they work!! Keep your feet shoulder width apart, or stretch them a bit wider for a deeper, different feel. Start with just your body weight, then add more weight as you get more comfortable with the movement. They are both very effective and with get those glutes in tip-top shape!


Ever watch the Olympics and see how sprinters have quite the muscular tooshes? Well, there is good reason for that. Sprints are a great way to increase your muscle mass. Of course, they do all kinds of exercises as well, but those sprints surely aren’t hurting anything.

Olympics Day 14 - Athletics

via hellobeautiful.com


Flutterkicks can be an amazing ab exercise, but also great for other muscles to. Lay on your stomach with you arms by your side. Pretend you are doing small kicks, as if you were in a pool. This simple motion is a great isolation exercise that you can do nearly anywhere.


These tend to feel a little silly when you do them in public, but oh well – they work! Get on your hands and knees, with a flat back. One at a time, raise your leg towards the ceiling, with your knee still bent. You will have a wider range of motion, and much more isolation as well.

Glute Kickback

(Source – bodybuilding.com)

Glute Bridge on Bosu

This is a twist on an old classic. Instead of doing a regular bridge, grab a bosu ball. Lay flat on your back, with your knees bent and your feet on the squishy side of the bosu. Keep your feet on the ball and raise up your hips. To take it to the next level, straighten out one leg. After 5-10 seconds, switch legs. This is great for your lower back and glutes as well, so take advantage of it. If you do not have access to a bosu ball, just go through the same motion right on the floor.

Glute raise on bosu


via Realsimple.com


Deadlifts are amazing for a lot of muscles, your butt included. If you have never done one, ask a trainer where you work out to give you some guidance. Good form is imperative so you don’t get injured. Start with very minimal weight, just to get the movement down, and increase the weight from there. You can even use dumbbells at first, rather than the entire barbell. If you do not have access to a personal trainer, check out the video below for correct form and technique.

What other exercises do you do to target your glutes?