Lululemon Baptiste Yoga Workshop

Saturday morning before heading to the beach for a fun surprise, I attended a workshop over at Lululemon Hyde Park for Baptiste yoga. I got there a solid 20 minutes early, as I suspected it was going to be pretty busy – and busy it was!

By the time that class started, the room was packed from front to back and side to side with people excited to learn some new yoga techniques! There was a great mix that attended – instructors excited to learn something new, and people like me just wanting to experience power yoga for the first time. We started the class with a quick meditation, and then actually did something that I had never done before – met our neighbors. We introduced ourselves to someone sitting next to us, and had them as out partner for the rest of class. It was something fun that took the seriousness out of yoga – something that I am a huge fan of! After meeting our partners, we went over a few things…

The instructor, Susanne Fuller stressed how important it was to be a yes! So many people in our society are an automatic no to almost anything, and she wants us to be yesses! Easy enough, right?! She also touched on the principles of physicalness, empowerment, and possibility – all things we needed to adopt in our practice that day.

Baptiste yoga is traditionally practiced in a room of 80-90 degrees, but we did not have that luxury since the class was in the Lululemon store – air conditioning it was! We went through pretty traditional flow poses, but we truly learned how to do each one. It was such an awesome experience for me, as I have never had someone take the time to really explain each and every position in regards to where your feet are, all the way up to the tips of your fingers. Sussane focused a lot on posture and thoracic alignment – both aspects of yoga I seriously need to work on. If people in the class had questions, she would show everyone rather than just telling. The person with the question would do the pose in the way they thought it should be done, and then Susanne would correct them from every angle – it was awesome!

I learned a lot from the class, and I am so glad that I went. Originally, I thought a 2 hour class would be a little but much for me, but it wasn’t. There was a lot of question and answers, along with demonstration, so we were not practicing yoga for 2 hours straight. We really only were doing flow for about 30-45 minutes of the workshop. I think that everyone that came to the workshop got a lot out of it, and learned so much, including my friends Kristen and Jessica! It was so great to have a few new faces come to class – I hope they will start coming more often! And I can not wait for the possibility of a Baptiste studio in our area – pretty exciting!!

For anyone that doesn’t already know, all classes and events held by Lululemon are completely complimentary, including the bootcamp that I went to last week! If you have a store or showroom in your area, be sure to check out the events they are hosting – they are a lot of fun!

Have you ever been to a yoga workshop? Ever tried Baptiste yoga? What did you think?

Surprise Engagement

Have you ever been part of a moment of a friend’s life that is pretty awesome? As of yesterday, I can say that I have. Marcus and I witnessed the engagement of our two best friends!

But let’s back up real quick…

When Marcus and I got married in March of 2011, our friends Chris and Allison were not dating. We paired the two of them up together to walk down the aisle at the same time, as they were both a part of our wedding party.

See the couple on the right - that's Chris and Allison

Well, one thing led to another, and they started officially dating shortly after our wedding. We have been through a lot with these two – Allison and I have known each other since we were 4 years old, and Chris and Marcus are fraternity brothers. It just so happened that these two are a perfect match :)

Right after we all ran the Country Music Marathon together, Chris asked Marcus to go with him to go ring shopping, as he knew Marcus had obviously done this before. Chris picked out a beautiful ring for Allison, and was planning to propose sometime within the next few months. He threw Allison off guard a couple of times, and even planned a romantic getaway for Memorial Day weekend – all a part of the plan to keep her guessing.

He picked June 30th as the day he wanted to propose. It was a beautiful, bright and sunny day, and we all knew he got so lucky that he decided to not propose last weekend (remember Debby downer?!). There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and it couldn’t have been better. We all went to the Dali museum earlier in the day to make it seem like a normal Saturday. Little did Allison know that it was going to be quite the day!

We devised a plan in the weeks leading up to the engagement so that we would be riding separately, and were running a few minutes behind Chris and Allison as we all headed to the beach for dinner. It gave Chris the go ahead to take Allison on the beach for the perfect moment. We were just steps away and Chris knew it was go time!

It was a perfect day, for an amazing moment, with two people who are truly meant to be together. They are a perfect match, and Marcus and I could not have felt more privileged to be a part of their engagement. It really was surreal seeing my childhood best friend lit up and so unbelievably happy.

We had a celebratory drink with the newly engaged couple, and then headed to dinner with both of their families – another surprise for Allison. Everyone was absolutely beaming when Chris and Allison walked in to the restaurant, and shared a moment that none of them will ever forget!

Congratulations Chris and Allison on your engagement!! You two are truly perfect for each other, and compliment each other so well. I am thrilled to have been a part of such a special day in both of your lives!

Let the wedding planning begin!! ;)





Scheduling to Reschedule

Thank you all so much for your opinions on which water bottle I should buy! I really think I am leaning towards the insulated Nathan bottle! It definitely seems to be the crowd favorite!

This week I have had to change my workouts around – 3 different times. Usually, I stick directly to my schedule. I thrive off of having workouts to prepare for both mentally and physically, but sometimes,  flexibility is key, and you have to be ok to reschedule. Monday the weather was still terrible, and my running route was flooded, so I headed to the gym. Tuesday, our swim workout was cancelled, again because of Tropical Storm Debby. I actually took the day off!! It was glorious!

Wednesday I slept in instead of getting up for my pace run. My body was telling me that I needed it, so I listened – still a very important part of training for any big race. Well, I was sure glad that I did, because Wednesday night proved to be the hardest and longest swim workout that I have had to date! Check it out!!!

I am still very new to this whole swimming thing, so practicing with season veterans is a catch 22 – I get better because they push me, but I struggle like mad trying to keep up with the pace times. I am some one that will never, ever quit, so each lap just kept me going further and further.

So that pace run from Wednesday morning got pushed back to Thursday morning – I killed it (and it killed me!). I definitely felt my workout from only 11 hours before, but was still able to hit my goals. I had 4 miles at goal pace (8 minutes), and then a warm up and cool down.It felt good to push through something that I really wanted to cut short. I know the marathon will not be cut short when I’m hurting, so neither will the workouts!

Then Thursday night rolled around, and there was a free Bootcamp being offered over at Lululemon. I obviously couldn’t say no, so I went. We all met at the store and then headed out to our workout destination – the top of the sun covered parking deck. I have one word to describe it – HOT!

We started with sprints, burpees, star jumps, pushups, and then moved on to a killer circuit. Needless to say – hardest. workout.ever! It was soo much more difficult that the cross fit workout that I did a few months back, and in a good way.


Seriously, if you are looking for a killer, calorie torching workout, checkout bootcamp. You will not be disappointed! Our trainer, Nicole, was absolutely amazing, and I was so impressed with her strength. She made everything look so easy – it definitely wasn’t!

Our amazing bootcamp trainer!

Even though my workouts were definitely all over the place this week, I was able to get everything done to the very best of my ability! It is nice to have a plan to stick to, but it is even better when everything falls into place in its own little way, too!

Do you always do all of your workouts as scheduled? Are you ok with rescheduling them, or even canceling them if needed?

Running Waterbottles

A quick update on all the crazy weather here….

It’s really only raining off and on at this point, the storm surge has died down, and the flooding it still happening (as of yesterday). My running route is still completely inaccessible at this point, so I have had to become a bit more creative.

With all of the debris from the wind all over the sidewalks, it’s really just been easier to get my running done on the treadmill. It is definitely not my favorite, but it gets the job done. Since I pretty much never do speed workouts inside, I never noticed how much the treadmill really propels you forward! The 5×800′s that I did Monday night seemed way too easy for the speed that I was holding – either that or I’m getting faster. Let’s just go with the latter ;)

Yesterday when I was out walking my pup, I was approached by a local news station for a quick interview. Yep – here is my moment. Fast forward to 1:10, or watch the whole thing if you want to see the crazy flooding! And if you haven’t seen enough pictures from Debby, here’s another to really put you over the edge!


Finding the Right Running Water Bottle

After running the hottest marathon ever, I knew that to get through summer training for the Chicago Marathon, I was going to need to get some form of hydration for my runs. I have been looking at a few options, and have narrowed it down to four. I would love your input for those of you that have tried them and like them (or hated them!).

 The FuelBelt Sprint

The bottle is only 10oz, so it is the smallest of the four. It obviously would weigh the least, which means it would hold the least as well.

Nathan Quickdraw Plus

This bottle holds 22 oz, so it is more than double the amount of the FuelBelt bottle. The pouch is a bit larger so it can hold more as well. All of the cute colors don’t hurt either ;)

Camelbak Quick Grip

This bottle holds 21oz, and is actually insulated so that liquids stay cold the whole time, and the mouth piece it stationary – you just squeeze it to get water out . This bottle was recommended to me, so I am somewhat leaning towards it.

Nathan Thermal Quickdraw

This bottle is just like the other Nathan water bottle, but it also insulated like the Camelbak. The insulation looks to be a bit different though – on the outside rather than on the inside.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever used a water bottle to hydrate on runs? Which water bottle would you pick?

9 Is The Magic Number

A big thing happened over the weekend. Quite a monumental event turned 40….

Title IX

Ever heard of Title IX? Well, if you haven’t here is what it is:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity.”

It is most widely known in relation to sports – you must have as many opportunities for women’s to compete in athletics as you do opportunities for men. The law really applies to every educational program that receives federal funding – I actually didn’t know that until looking further into it. The local newspaper here did a pretty cool story on the event – they highlighted 40 women from the area that excelled in athletics, and if this law had not been around, they would not have had the chance to shine like they did.

Title IX

I am incredibly thankful for this law, as I know my college days would have looked a heck of a lot different. I would not have awoke each day before the sun, and finished a grueling workout before most college students even wake up for their first class. I wouldn’t have had to say to no to party after party, knowing that I had to be up early the next day to run until I felt as if I couldn’t carry myself any further. Any I definitely would not have met any of these amazing women…

UCF Cross Country

It really is pretty amazing to think about all the opportunities that have been to so many amazing women from just one piece of paper signed 40 years ago! Just another reason that we have to love the country we live in!


So for anyone that has been watching the weather over the weekend, I am sure that you have noticed that those of us in Florida have been getting a wee bit insane amount of rain. We are currently stuck right in Tropical Storm Debby’s unbelievably slow-moving path, so we have had a bit of a wet weekend. Most of the time, I don’t mind the rain, but this weekend, I have had a bit of a uniform.

Rainy Day

We live a couple of blocks from the bay, so anytime we get a lot of rain, and then in turn high tide shows up, the water rises and it floods. Bad.

Tropical Storm Debbie

That is a photo my brother took while being a dummy exploring the flood waters that was Bayshore Blvd yesterday.  Usually the light polls (right above the mirror) signify the end of the road, and the start of people’s yards. As you can tell, there is not start or stop to anything. Just water – 4 feet of water. Most of the photos I have taken of myself running are taken on this road – Yep – same one. It just looked a wee bit different this weekend.

So of course, exercise had to be altered. I actually got lucky and squeezed in my Saturday morning long run with only about 15 minutes of rain. But that bike ride I am supposed to get in every Sunday?? – definitely didn’t happen. We headed to the local spin studio instead. Flexibility is key, right? Just another reason to keep those gym memberships for times like these!

Did anyone else have access to sports because of Title IX? How was your running weather over the weekend? Did Debbie alter your plans too?